The wedding landscape changed a whole lot this year, with Wedding Trends in 2021 being influenced by restrictions and social change.

Many couples also took a different direction with their wedding plans as a result of priorities and situations changing. On the whole, however, the notable wedding trends in 2021 have their own advantages.

At Ballara Receptions, we have a glass half full attitude, and like to look at the change in wedding trends this year as a very different, but potentially exciting shift towards weddings that focus on rich experiences and strong connections with loved ones.

Wedding Trends 2021


The Ballara team has quickly become experts in micro-weddings, and we have loved watching couples tie the knot surrounded by their closest family and friends. A small guest list might not have been their original plan, but for our couples their wedding days have still been heartfelt and beautiful. Taking the opportunity to have a micro-wedding has been a wonderful celebration amidst the chaos.

A micro-wedding can still have all the bells and whistles, from dress to menu. In fact, with a smaller guest list you may want to go all out and splurge on the little extras you cut from your initial budget – and we think that is exciting in itself!


Elopements can be romantic and exhilarating, too. Just as with micro-weddings, you can still make your day amazingly special. Take the opportunity to benefit from the spectacular ceremony and photography locations, followed by delicious canapés and drinks with your nearest and dearest at your side after they have witnessed your vows.

For more information about our Elopement Packages, click HERE.

Wedding Trends for 2021 Melbourne

Uniquely personalised weddings

Everyone likes to create a wedding that reflects their personalities as both individuals and as a couple, but this year we’ve noticed couples going that little extra mile when it comes to personalising their special day. Without the pressure of trying to please or impress a larger number of guests, relaxing and letting the quirks shine through seems to be an ever-increasing trend.

At Ballara Receptions, we love a unique wedding! Chat to our team about all the ways we can help turn your dreams into reality.

“Non-Bridal” bridal fashion wedding trends 2021

All the 2021 wedding trends we’ve mentioned above have also paved the way for our favourite trend of all. We’ve noticed a lot of “non-bridal” gowns of late and are loving the relaxed style that really reflects the personality of the individual.

Wedding Trends in 2021 Melbourne
Wedding Trends 2021 Melbourne

Midweek weddings

This wedding trend started taking hold a little before 2021, but this year it has become a game changer for couples all over Melbourne. After all, we’re sure you’ll agree that days and weeks have become a little less defined this year! With many people working remotely and flexibly, and children also learning from home, weekdays are an easier option than ever before. A midweek wedding is a great way to snap up a booking for your favourite venue and save a little cash.


While this year might not have been the year we expected, the wedding trends in 2021 are proving to be just as thrilling as they have been in previous years. For more information about Ballara Receptions, our wedding packages and how we can help make your wedding day unforgettable, get in touch with our team today.

2021 Wedding Trends
Wedding Trends during 2021