The demand for great Elopement Packages has never been higher, but that doesn’t mean you should have to skimp on all the amazing extras.

If there’s one thing we have all figured out over the past year, it’s that the smaller the wedding the less likely your day is to be rescheduled! Ballara Receptions’ elopement packages are the perfect way to ensure you get married, regardless of what is going on in Melbourne and beyond.

For many, the big wedding vibe isn’t top of their wish list. If this sounds like you, getting married with a small group of your favourite people in the world might be your dream come true. Our team has created special elopement packages for couples with small-but-mighty wedding goals.

Why would you choose a wedding venue like Ballara Receptions for your elopement? Well, why not?

Elopement Packages

Without the ability to travel for romantic destination weddings, couples looking to elope are now seeking “destinations” in their own backyards. A beautiful venue and estate offers all the amazing things that everyone wants for their wedding, regardless of size.

With several lovely locations for your ceremony and an abundance of inspiring photo locations, Ballara is an obvious choice. Add to this a mouthwatering menu and divine wine list, and you have everything you could possibly want.

Catering for the unknown

What if you want a medium to large wedding but are worried about future restrictions on numbers affecting your big day?

Elopement packages are a fantastic backup plan. Instead of cancelling or postponing your wedding, with an elopement package you can adjust your guest numbers and still tie the knot, complete with live feed to those guests who couldn’t make it in person.

For more information about our elopement or other wedding ceremony and reception packages, or to book a personal tour of the venue, contact the team at Ballara Receptions today.