COVID – 19 update:

From the very first day we opened our doors to the public 33 years ago, our priority has always been on delivering the best possible experience for all our guests. We would like to confirm that our doors are very much open, and that your health and safety is of the utmost importance.

Unfortunately, we are now facing an unprecedented situation, as the world steps into uncharted waters surrounding the spread and attempted containment of Covid-19.

In light of this, we are following the advice of the Australian Government and World Health Organisation that has directed that any organised mass gathering over 100 people should be cancelled. We now find ourselves in the situation where we need to guide you on how to proceed with or postpone your event. At this stage, this direction only applies to events due to be held up until the end of May, 2020. We will turn our attention to events beyond the 31st May, on a rolling monthly basis based on further information provided by the Government. We know how distressing and disappointing that this is, we are all in this together and feel very deeply for everyone’s individual situation, and we will endeavour to find the best possible outcome for each event.

Option to proceed
Events of 100 people or less do not have restrictions on them at this stage. As updates come from the government we will have to revise where necessary. If you have the capacity to reduce your guest numbers, we will happily welcome you and your guests into Ballara (where we have stringent cleaning and hygiene practises for both employees and the venue in place to ensure the safety of all staff and attendees). We have every trust that our team can still deliver an exceptional experience for you.


Option to postpone
Postponing your event until the world has reached a state of normality is also an option. We ask for your patience in sourcing an appropriate date for your event. We want to continue hosting as many special occasions as we can and will do what is within our power to help you navigate this option.

As I am sure you understand, these uncharted waters that we all face has our team working beyond capacity. We have been a very fortunate to have built a strong foundation of clients. This does however mean that we have a significant number of clients that we are trying to help navigate through this time. If the COVID-19 situation is impacting your event, please call us to discuss your options so that we can talk to you personally about how you would like to proceed.



Ballara’s performance under these Terms and Conditions is subject to acts of god, war, government regulations or actions, terrorism, disaster, pandemic, civil disorder, strike or other industrial dispute, power outages, curtailment of transport and any other emergency conditions which are beyond Ballara’s reasonable control and which would render the performance of and this agreement by Ballara impossible or illegal (“Force Majeure event”). Where Ballara’s performance is impacted by Force Majeure Event, Ballara will endeavour to complete this contract to our best ability or may have to terminate this agreement by notice to you. If planning for an outdoor ceremony, we will contact you two hours prior to the commencement time to make a decision regarding the weather. In the event of rain/high wind certain items of set up may not be possible to use due to OH&S guidelines.