Your Guide to Finding the Best Wedding Ceremony Venues Melbourne

Getting married in Melbourne? You couldn’t have picked a better city. Here is your guide to finding the Best Wedding Ceremony Venues in Melbourne.

Melbourne and its surroundings have so much to offer. From classic to modern, natural to whimsical, there are a multitude of venues for a couple to say “I do”. Here’s your guide to finding the best wedding ceremony venues Melbourne has to offer.

Best Wedding Ceremony Venues in Melbourne

As with any city, there are key elements that go into choosing a wedding ceremony and reception venue. Luckily for you, Melbourne and its surrounding will have you spoilt for choice.

Finding the Best Wedding Ceremony Venues Melbourne

Pick a weather-friendly venue

Melbourne weather is temperamental, and you could be sunny and wet, warm and cold, all in one day. A venue such as Ballara Receptions has several outdoor options like a lakeside area with a jetty, private garden area, and gazebo in a courtyard. Should the weather not be ideal for an outdoor ceremony, a quaint chapel on the expansive grounds can fit all your guests. Now, you won’t need to worry about the weather, you and your guests can just enjoy your wedding in comfort.

Photo opportunities

Photos are so important, as they capture the mood and the indelible memories of your special day. Any photographer will appreciate having options when taking snaps. A location with many different areas that make for beautiful, unique, or interesting backdrops is ideal. Ballara Receptions has it all – natural greenery, historical locations, modern architecture – something for every couple.

Versatile reception venues

Picking a reception venue is much like picking a ceremony venue. It’s very common to choose locations like Ballara because they also have a large ballroom that accommodates everyone. Choosing between a formal dinner or casual cocktail-style reception is a great idea. A venue like this can cater to those with specific dietary requirements.


There are many things to consider when planning a wedding. Melbourne is a favourite wedding location for many, and it’s easy to see why. Ultimately, a versatile venue will make for a successful wedding. Contact Ballara Receptions to discuss your special day today.

Best Wedding Ceremony Venues Melbourne