Cold weather and shorter days don’t mean you have to put your wedding plans on hold. In fact, our Winter Wedding Inspo shows just how exciting the cooler months can be.

Long-sleeved dresses, winter flowers, high-impact and ambient wedding photos, warming comfort food, and lower costs are just some of the advantages of a winter wedding. Here’s some winter wedding inspo to get you started.

Long-sleeves for stunning comfort

The last few years have really seen a growth in gorgeous long-sleeve wedding gowns, particularly since celebs like Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian pulled off the look. Long sleeves are practical, elegant, flattering, and will forever stay in style. There is a real glamour and sophistication about long-sleeve dresses, with a hint of dramatic flair.

Winter Wedding Inspo


There has been the common belief that plants and flowers go into hibernation during winter. Not true! Some flowers are the perfect colour and shape for a winter celebration. Poppies, tulips, dahlias, sweet peas, and hellebores make wonderful wedding bouquets and centrepieces.

Indoor ceremonies

Summer means that the ladies have to deal with makeup melting and hair frizzing in the humidity, while men have to sweat in their suits. There is no fun in this. The comfort of a ceremony in cooler conditions can be a win for everyone.

Choosing a venue that has a wonderful selection of indoor and outdoor spots is the best way to ensure your winter wedding goes off without a hassle. Ballara Receptions has amazing indoor spaces, including the beautiful onsite chapel, ready to host your cosy nuptials. For those chillier days, our chapel and reception rooms are heated, and there is a fireplace located in the foyer for extra toasty warmth and atmosphere!


In winter, the lighting is softer – ideal for photos. Photographers have a ‘golden hour’ in which photos turn out best. In winter, it’s earlier (4.30-5.30pm), so you won’t have to leave your own party to get the most spectacular pictures.

Winter Wedding Inspo Melbourne

When you have so many beautiful photo locations at an expansive estate like Ballara, you want to have as much time as possible to take advantage of that golden hour, without it stealing from precious time that could be spent at your reception, connecting with loved ones. Get to the party earlier with a winter wedding date!

Comfort food

“Chicken or fish” aren’t always the most exciting options. A winter wedding opens up your menu choices. Ballara’s menu boasts as much variety as the venue itself and indulging in a broad selection of winter comfort foods will ensure that everyone feels warm and satisfied on the day. Some of the mouthwatering Ballara favourites include pasta or risotto dishes for entrée, lamb shanks or beef cheeks for mains, and delicious hot puddings for dessert.

Off-peak prices

You’ll have a much better chance of finding your preferred ceremony and reception venues, florist, photographer, makeup artist, and caterer on the date you want. A huge plus will be a honeymoon outside of peak season, which means better rates and perhaps enjoying a northern hemisphere summer.


Winter weddings are becoming more and more popular – as you can see, cooler weather is a great time of the year that opens up a lot of exciting options. Contact Ballara Receptions to book your tour and for more information about creating your ideal winter wedding.

Winter Wedding Inspo Victoria