Weddings can be a stressful and crazy time in your life. Eliminate those factors by choosing the best in all-inclusive wedding venues Melbourne with ceremony location.

Yes, you read that right. When planning the biggest (and happiest) day of your life, scout around for the places that have it all in one spot – go for wedding venues Melbourne with ceremony location included, just like right here at Ballara Receptions!

Why You Should Choose a Venue with Wedding Ceremony Location

Having your pick of wedding venues Melbourne with ceremony as well, you can rest assured knowing everything will be taken care of all in the place and you can focus on the more important aspects of your day, including the biggest one of all – getting married!

We know it’s not every day you get married and you’re not going to know everything about the best ways to help you organise an unforgettable event. Well, we are definitely here to help! Choose an all-inclusive wedding venue like Ballara Receptions that has an experienced wedding coordination team. We can help by connecting you with suppliers for your day, as well as coordinating the setting up on the day. While we can’t control every little thing, we want to ensure you have the best day possible.

There are so many pros to having your entire wedding day in the one location. First and foremost you don’t have to worry about travelling from one location to another and neither do your guests! If the weather decides to be a pain (and we all know how unpredictable Melbourne weather can be!), you already have a backup option. Do we even need to mention the endless photo opportunities? Of course we do and believe us at venues like Ballara Receptions, there are so many beautiful spots to snap your beautiful photos.

Whether you have loved (or not entirely enjoyed the experience) planning the big day and you’re going through the motions of checking everything off your list, you definitely don’t want to be “working” on your wedding day. Nor do you want anyone else having to take care of last minute things either. Sometimes you just need a little help or that extra set of reassuring hands to make sure everything happens as it should and that’s what our team is here for.

So, instead of worrying about all the what ifs and what nots, let our dedicated team do what they do best and let’s create one memorable wedding day for you, your bridal party, family and friends. We can help with as much or as little of the planning and details as you like. If this sounds like the best option for you and you have your eye on our amazing venue at Ballara Receptions, get in touch with our team and let’s get planning!

Why You Should Choose a Venue with Wedding Ceremony Location