Congratulations on your engagement! Now the planning begins. Here’s our guide to What to Ask a Wedding Venue before you make the big decision.

Knowing what to ask a wedding venue on your initial tour is critical. While it is important for the venue to feel like it is a good fit, and to fall in love with the aesthetics, you also need to know that the finer details match with your wish list.

What sort of questions should you ask a prospective wedding venue? Well, Ballara Receptions is here to help with a handy guide.

Reception spaces

This is a big one! You need to know that the party space for your wedding day is a good fit for your guests. Of course, in recent times the space requirements for wedding venues have altered to adhere to COVID restrictions, so check with your venue coordinator when you are making your enquiries.

While some wedding reception venues in Melbourne have multiple reception rooms and often hold multiple functions at one time, Ballara only ever holds one wedding at a time. You’ll have one spacious reception room that can cater to large weddings, even in the current climate, and you’ll have exclusive access to the entire venue and grounds. Be sure to discuss your prospective numbers with our team so we can best accommodate your needs.

What to Ask a Wedding Venue

Ceremony spaces

Always check that a venue has at least an indoor option for ceremonies, as well as stunning outdoor ceremony locations. We are in Melbourne after all, where weather can be our best friend or our worst enemy on any day of the year!

There is a good chance, however, that you’ll be able to have your dream outdoor wedding if you choose to have a spring or summer wedding, so having several gorgeous outdoor spots to tie the knot is ideal. Ballara Receptions has some of the most gorgeous “I Do” areas in Victoria, with our Lakeside Garden and Jetty, the Courtyard, and Gazebo.

For those wanting – or needing – an indoor ceremony venue, our chapel is the perfect blend of rustic elegance.

The menu

This is a no-brainer for the “must ask” list. Food is a huge focus at any wedding, and you want to know that your guests will leave at the end of the night not just feeling satisfied, but also still dreaming of the wonderful fare they just enjoyed.

Ballara Receptions provides a vast range of menu options for couples and can cater to any dietary requirements or preferences. We also have an amazing selection of beverages to make sure they pair perfectly with the menu.

Meet the team

At Ballara, we have a tight-knit team of service professionals. By the time your wedding day arrives, you’ll have had the chance to meet all members of your team. Trust is a huge factor when choosing your venue, so take the time to get to know the coordinators and team so that you can build a rapport.

At Ballara, we have a team of experienced coordinators dedicated to making couples’ dreams come true every single day!

All-Inclusive packages

Always check that there are all-inclusive packages available. The last thing you want are nasty surprises on your wedding day, causing you to break the budget! Ballara has a number of all-in-one wedding packages to choose from and can customise these to suit your individual needs. Relax knowing that your wedding will be brilliant without making an unexpected dent in the bank balance.

What to Ask a Wedding Venue Melbourne

Amenities, tech, and time schedules

So, everything looks beautiful, but it is also important that the background stuff goes smoothly. Check out the guest amenities, such as toilets, and ensure that the venue has all the tech stuff you need for your celebrant, music, and MC. It is also worth asking how the function managers oversee the time schedule on the day. The more efficient they are with managing the flow of events, the more you can enjoy your own wedding from beginning to end.


This one is a no-brainer! Making sure the venue is available on your preferred date should happen fairly early on in the process. That said, if your first preference isn’t available, don’t rule out the venue completely. Be sure to check what other dates are available. If you love the venue and the team, and all other boxes are ticked, it might be worth looking at the surrounding dates and considering other availabilities.

Don’t rule out weekday weddings! These are growing in popularity and there are some spectacular reasons to consider a weekday wedding – from availability to cost.

The nitty-gritty stuff

Always, always, always… check the terms and conditions for booking prior to formalising your booking. Know what retainers are required and when, how they need to be paid, and get to the know the finer details in intimate detail! If you’re not sure, check with your coordinator.


At Ballara Receptions, we are happy to help couples through every step of the planning process, and love making wishes come true on the big day. Contact us to find out more and to book a tour of our venue.