When planning a wedding, it’s always a good idea to ask yourself just “What time do weddings start?” These days, just about anything goes!

So, what time do weddings start? Whether morning, afternoon or evening, there are advantages to all. Whether you want extra time for photos, a sunrise or sunset, a particular menu, or guests having more freedom, you can decide which factors are best for yourselves and all involved.

What time do weddings start?


Weddings can start any time of the day. A morning wedding will allow more time for everyone to mingle, relax, and there is likely going to be a bigger window for photos. Summer is a great time for a morning wedding. It’s cooler, so you and your guests won’t have to swelter in the heat! A bright sunny morning makes for wonderful photos in Ballara Receptions’ expansive gardens, and you’ll have the rest of the day to socialise with family and friends. A high tea following a morning wedding is also a fun idea. Your guests can relax with dainty savoury and sweet treats.

An added benefit of morning weddings is that you get straight to the main event earlier, meaning there is less time for wedding day jitters to take hold!

What Time Do Weddings Start


Afternoons are ideal for winter weddings, when it will be less cold for outdoor ceremonies and photos by Ballara’s lakeside or leafy grounds. Follow it with a three-course meal of warm winter favourites like stews, baked potatoes, roasted meats, and desserts like sticky date pudding and apple crumble. Polish it all off with a wine and drinks package. Your guests will leave feeling totally satisfied.


An evening wedding is suitable in both summer and winter. There is nothing quite as romantic as a ceremony and reception under the moon, stars, and sparkling fairy lights. Not only is it the perfect ambience for romantic photos, but you will also all feel more relaxed too. An evening wedding is a great time to have a three-course meal as well. In summer, serve a light menu – chicken, fish, salads, cold desserts – or enjoy a cocktail reception. Of course, don’t forget the refreshing drinks.

Having a team of wedding organisation experts to guide you means you get to make the most of afternoon and twilight weddings. Our staff know how to time every element of your ceremony, photos, and reception so that you get the best of sunlight and ‘golden hour’ light for your photos, before the stars begin to twinkle! Trust your scheduling to Ballara Receptions instead of losing the light you want.


Morning, afternoon, evening. There is no hard and fast rule about the perfect time to hold a wedding, as long as it’s right for you and your loved ones, the wedding will be a beautiful reflection of you and your partner.  Call Ballara Receptions to discuss your options.