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Leap Year – Wedding Proposals

It’s a day four years in the making, but it makes it all the more special when you decide to go down the path of leap year – wedding proposals.

Leap year – wedding proposals are steeped in tradition and history, bringing in a touch of folklore, changing societal norms, and making sure love conquers all.

Let’s start at the beginning. What is a leap-year – wedding proposal and why are they seen as a big deal? It’s a day where roles are reversed and women can propose to their male partner on February 29.

Not that they can’t do this any other time of the year, but there’s something romantic about this special day. Especially given its not-so-regular appearance.

The origins of a leap year proposal

While there is a mixture of potential fact and myth behind it all, the most common story behind the tradition of proposing in a leap year comes from Ireland.

It is based on a legend where St Bridget approached St Patrick to tell him that women were sick of waiting for their suitors to pop the big question.

Women were then granted that special day of February 29 to ask their men for their hand in marriage.

Leap Year Wedding Proposal
Leap Year Wedding Proposal

What goes into planning a proposal?

From a romantic dinner to a weekend away or even a spur of the moment decision to ask that question, how you make the most of this big moment in your life is completely up to you.

You can make it a very personalised moment or keep it simple.

Choose a special location that has meaning for the both of you and think about what you want to say.

You can propose with a ring or select something like a watch or another sentimental piece that has meaning between you both.

If home is where the heart is, this is the place it should all happen! Keep it low key if that’s how you both operate or make it a big deal with hearts, candles and flowers too!

Be honest, heartfelt and share the love of the moment with your partner. After all, you are planning to spend your life with them.

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Leap Year Wedding Receptions

So now you have made the big leap and you’re ready to tie the knot, what comes next?

It’s time to find the perfect venue for your big day of course and that’s where Ballara Receptions can help!

Reach out to our amazing team to find out more.