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Warrandyte Wedding Ceremony Venue – Daniel & Sharon

Getting married is a special thing – something to treasure forever. This Warrandyte wedding ceremony venue will be perfect for your happy day.

When you have the wedding ceremony and reception all in one venue, not only does it take away some of the stress, but it ties everything together. This Warrandyte wedding ceremony venue can also hold your reception.

Warrandyte Wedding Ceremony Venue – Daniel & Sharon

As Daniel and Sharon experienced, you too can have your wedding and reception right here at Ballara Receptions. We have years of experience making couples’ dreams come true.

With six ceremony locations on the premises, you can say “I do” in front of a celebrant wherever you please.

There’s a chapel, a lakeside area, and a private garden area, all with their unique features that make them each special.

A Photographer’s Dream

The entire venue has gorgeous backdrops around every corner. Daniel and Sharon’s photographer and videographer was spoiled for choice when it came to beautiful backgrounds.

As for the happy couple, they both looked stunning. With multiple dress changes, Sharon’s hair and makeup artists made her look and feel a million dollars throughout.

Warrandyte Wedding Ceremony Venue – Daniel & Sharon
Warrandyte Wedding Ceremony Venue – Daniel & Sharon

Have A Reception to Remember

The reception can be the way you envision it.

Here in the large ballroom, the lovely couple and their bridal party opened with fantastic dance intros.

Daniel and Sharon nailed their first dance with perfect lifts and turns – truly impressive! Their aunties and uncles joined the fun by providing the guests with some awesome singing.

Be sure to add other fun or unique elements to your reception too.

A favourite trend among couples is to have a photobooth at the reception.

All their guests had so much fun posing for photos – it was a chance to be silly yet creative, and a way for everyone to feel included. Great memories were made and will be cherished!

When it comes to the cake, remember it doesn’t have to be traditional. Everyone loved the fun donut prism!

Do you have a vision for your wedding ceremony and reception that you’d like to make a reality?

Contact us today and let them make your vision a reality.