What better way to keep your special guests informed than with a personal Wedding Website – otherwise known as a ‘Wedsite’.

This wedding website trend is not just for show. A wedsite is a brilliant way to manage wedding-related communication in our ever-busy world.

We’re not just talking a single save-the-date page here. When we talk wedsites, it is referring to a detailed website that is essentially a one-stop-shop for everything related to your big day.

From planning to partying, what are the key benefits of setting up your wedding website?

Wedding Website - Wedsites

All the info in one place

This is probably one of the most obvious reasons for having your own wedsite, but it is the single most important reason to do it! No more missing invites, forgotten RSVP dates, or lost wedding registry info. Everything from dates and times to maps are at their fingertips.

Forget multiple emails, phone calls, and text messages. Tracking everyone’s responses, queries, and RSVP’s is easy when they are in one place.

Handy extras with your wedding website

Without the restrictions of paper size, you can give your guests a lot more information to help make the whole wedding process go more smoothly. Consider adding accommodation recommendations for out-of-town visitors, transport options, parking suggestions, and even local hair and makeup artists.

Communication is key

Your wedsite is a great way for guests to contact you with any questions they may have, as well as the perfect platform for keeping everyone updated 24/7. Many couples found their wedding website to be a lifesaver during COVID restrictions, adding updates as the date approached.

Guests can also RSVP via the website in real time – a much more efficient method than paper slips in the mail that have the potential to disappear or arrive late.

Cost effective (aka free) wedsites

Your personal wedding website doesn’t have to break the bank. If fact, there are free options out there, which are ideal for the budget-savvy couple. Save on postage costs and redirect these funds into another aspect of your wedding, or just enjoy the savings. Not having printed invitations will make the environment happy, too.

Some wedding website providers have extra features available, such as live-streaming your wedding or accessing premium content and designs, but you can create an amazing, practical, and convenient website for your wedding without parting with a cent.

Here are some wonderful – and free – wedsite links for you to check out:

Find your favourite provider and get designing!


If you’d like more info or advice about setting up your wedsite, have a chat with your Ballara wedding coordinator.