Ballara Wedding Venue In Melbourne – A Few reasons Why You Should Choose Us

Looking for the perfect wedding venue in Melbourne for your day? apart from having everything you need in the one place, let’s go into further detail

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Beauty To Compliment The Couple

From the unmatched beauty of the lush grounds to the ample ceremony options to suit every happy couple.

There are so many reasons to consider Ballara Wedding Venue Melbourne for your special day.

It’s not easy choosing the perfect venue, so to help you decide, here are the top 10 reasons why Ballara Receptions is the wedding venue for you!


Chapel Ceremony

This Ballara Wedding Venue Melbourne has it all, beginning with their very own on-site chapel!

For the more traditional bride and groom, this chapel makes the perfect place to begin your union and tie the knot surrounded by your loved ones.

Melbourne Wedding Chapel Ceremony

Multiple Ceremony locations

However, this isn’t the only option.

Reason number two is the ground’s commitment to variety, with a range of other ceremony options across the grounds to choose from!

Not only is there a chapel, but you can also choose to tie the knot in the venue’s elegant gazebo, pristine courtyard, at a gorgeous lakeside jetty, or you could even opt for a twilight wedding.

Adorning your chosen ceremony spot with twinkling fairy lights!


Weather Prepared

Reasons three and four are the indoor and outdoor reception options offered by the venue.

These options make it a suitable venue choice for any season, and you can rest assured knowing that whatever the weather may be, you can still have the perfect reception on your special day!

Ballara Receptions Weddings Melbourne

Photo Opportunities

The fifth reason to consider this Ballara Wedding Venue Melbourne is the range of photo opportunities you can utilise to commemorate the day.

With such unique and beautiful features across the grounds, including the lake, jetty, gazebo, and even a private garden, this venue truly has it all.


All In One Wedding Packages

The venue boasts a variety of available wedding packages, including sit down, cocktail, grazing and high tea wedding offers, which makes up a very attractive seventh reason.

Likewise, there are seasonal and short-term specials available for the couple who know exactly what they want!

Ballara Receptions Melbourne Wedding Venue

Proud History

Not only are the hosts of Ballara Receptions experienced in the wedding business, having operated since 1987, they also have a long history of happy clients and fantastic reviews.

This beloved venue is sure to leave you with treasured memories of the perfect day.


Contact Us To Convince Yourself

There are many things to consider when choosing the right venue for your dream wedding.

With multiple ceremony locations, both indoor and outdoor, as well as the lush greenery and well-manicured gardens decorating the grounds.

Ballara Receptions Wedding Venue in Melbourne is the perfect venue for you. It has so much beauty to offer, so why not book your dream wedding today!