Don’t be tempted to show up at your wedding without following these Wedding Music Tips from Ballara Receptions. They’re straightforward, easy and will make all the difference.


Some people love the idea of creating a playlist for their wedding, while others will groan and happily pass the job to the wedding planner. Whichever category you fall into, these Wedding Music Tips are for you.


One of our favourite Wedding Music Tips is to plan ahead and ask your guests to nominate a favourite song. Feed this to the band or DJ and ask them to intersperse those songs throughout the evening. It’s such a personal touch and a guaranteed way to get people up and moving. Watch how quickly your guests will be on the dance floor when their favourite tune comes on.

Ballara Receptions - Wedding Music Tips

Since you’ve made sure everyone else hears a song they love, put some thought into your own special melodies. Making your entrance to an awesome tune is a joyful way to start the celebrations. Cutting the cake and your first dance as a married couple will also require a meaningful, well-chosen piece. Give the band or DJ clear instructions of what to play and when, so it all goes off without a hitch.

If you have any cultural or traditional music you’d like to incorporate into the day be sure to have a chat to your entertainment about this too.

HINT: give them copies of the exact songs you want on a USB or CD so that you know it’s the exact right edition etc as sometimes there can be a lot of versions of the same song e.g. the zorba.

Consider the venue and the acoustics of the space. A band will create a very different vibe outdoors than it would for an indoor venue. Noise level is a factor you need to think about. It’s likely you will have guests who enjoy conversation and the opportunity to catch up with friends and family. This will be made difficult if the volume is too high or the space is too echoey. A good reception venue will be able to advise on the type of entertainment that will work best in their space.


Also use the knowledge of the DJ or band you’ve hired – they likely do this every weekend so have lots of experience and ideas from what they have seen work – or not work – from over the years. Take their advice and recommendations on board while you plan out your selections.

To wrap up our Wedding Music Tips consider a list of ‘no plays’. Some couples are worried about language on their playlist, and some couples don’t want to hear certain genres of music on their wedding night. It’s important to let the DJ know your preferences because it might be what they pull out of the hat when they’re looking for the next track to play.

A little bit of planning, some good advice from the team at Ballara Receptions and you will have a wedding playlist you’ll want on repeat.