Is the prospect of sending out invitations stressing you out? Determining the guests is only step one when it comes to wedding invitations. Once you have figured out who is invited to your special day, you must consider how to present the details to them, so that everyone is informed of certain vital details. Ballara Receptions has a few wedding invitation pointers to guide you in crafting invitations for your momentous day.


If you need a refresher, the time and scheduling for your event can be found on your contract, which is saved in your online OneDrive folder. If you want to double check anything or discuss options, please have a chat with us now before you start printing your invitations.


If you are opting to hold both your ceremony and your reception at Ballara, then most couples will pop the time of their ceremony on the invitation, followed with a “reception to follow” statement. This can give you more flexibility to explore other options down the track with us.

Special Dietary Requirements

Please ensure that you include this with your RSVP. These are important for the chef to ensure that they can safely cater for all your guests. Keep in mind that we may need further information from guests wtih certain requirements – for example, “nut-free” is too vague. We need to know which type of nuts are present, and if traces are okay or not. Another example is “fructose free” or “FODMAP”. We need to know the specifics as there can be variations in the severity of the condition.


We need your final numbers, floor plan and all other details submitted into your OneDrive folder two weeks prior to your wedding date.

These numbers are what your final invoice will be based off.

Keep this in mind as you will want to allow 4-6 weeks prior for RSVP. Having this buffer allows you to chase up any late RSVPs or extra details you need to clarify. You will also need time to finalise the floor plan, make confirmations with your place card and bonbonniere companies. Check with your chosen suppliers to check their cut-off dates, giving you better peace of mind and security when it comes to timing and dates.

With all this in mind, one of our biggest wedding invitation pointers is that you should aim to send out your invitations 2-3 months prior to your wedding date.

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