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Wedding Invitation Inspiration Help Bringing Your Wedding Day To Life

Wedding invitation inspiration can help bring your special day to life with a range of gorgeous styles and designs that are making a trend.

Besides setting the theme for your special day, wedding invitation inspiration will help bring a beautiful touch to all aspects of your day including, attire, florals, cake, bonbonniere and table settings.  With fantastic options of so many exquisite styles, colours and designs, there is something to suit every couples tastes.

With a great range of wedding invitation trends making a statement, couples will no doubt find inspiration to draw on from below. Some favourites this season include:

Bright Hues and Moody Colours
White is always a popular choice within the wedding circle, however, colours are trending this year. This is a great way to add your favourite colours to your special day, along with tying it in with your bridesmaid attire and other wedding accessories. Along with making your invitations stand out, colour schemes can be chosen depending on the season. Plum, navy and black are gorgeous deep colours that are perfect for the winter months, whereas, peach, yellow and pink are beautiful bright hues that will compliment your wedding in the warmer months. 

Wedding Invitation Inspiration

Bringing softness to your stationary, water colour is a popular choice that is full of romance. Watercolour is a great option when using botanical illustrations from greenery to florals. This style of invitation will tie in nicely for a garden wedding or tie in your florals from the ceremony and reception centre.

Rustic Style
A trend we’re seeing popular with couples is the rustic look. Keep in theme with your rustic style wedding by incorporating rich woody elements, twine and lace trimmings to your wedding invitations.

Alternative Materials
Get creative with different materials including embossed motifs, leather trimmings and gold foil. Each represents a different style and theme from classic, vintage and high end glamour. Metallic foil is a clear favourite as it is not only classy but tasteful that will no doubt help tie all aspects of your day together.

Less is more. Choosing a simple invitation can make a big impact. Using calligraphy writing on a plain background can make a statement just a big as an invitation filled with colour and design. A romantic style, this invitation can tie in with all your beautiful florals, attire and table settings, especially if you are trying to create a glamorous and high end look. 

Tie your theme together with a range of accessories including save the date and RSVP cards in the same style of your invitations. These little extras will no doubt make a big difference in adding to the theme of your special day.  Along your wedding stationary, continue your theme with table settings, florals, favours and all the little extras that make your day complete. Your invitation will introduce your guests to your special day and drawing from inspiration to choose the perfect theme will make your day extra special.

For more invitation inspiration, take a look at Ballara’s Recommended Suppliers for our favourite invitation and other wedding experts to help plan your big day.