So much to do, so little time! Take the stress out of planning your wedding by choosing one of the stunning Wedding Estates Melbourne.

There are so many benefits to choosing Wedding Estates Melbourne as the place hold your wedding. A single point of contact, choice of settings, custom décor and customer service tailored to you are just the beginning.

When you start to consider all the details involved in planning a wedding, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed. Where to hold the ceremony, location for pictures and reception venue – not to mention how you and your guests are going to move between the addresses, and how on earth do you coordinate everything to ensure that the day runs smoothly. Savvy couples are realising that a way to smooth out the whole process and have fun in the planning is by booking one of the Wedding Estates Melbourne for their celebration.

Wedding Estates Melbourne

The benefit of holding your entire day at the same location is clear. There is no need for time wasting transport between venues, lost and late guests, or trying to coordinate times and arrangements with different establishments. The ability to select different settings within the same estate means you can move easily between the stages of your wedding without rush or stress. While the location might stay the same, the scenes certainly don’t. Private gardens, chapel, lakeside jetty and elegant reception venue means each moment of your wedding feels unique and special. Having so many stunning locations means more time is spent on capturing the perfect wedding photos and not having to worry about traffic and running around on your special day. Want to capture spectacular nighttime and dusk shots? You don’t have to leave your reception – the ultimate wedding shoot is just a few steps away.

Wanting to have photos with your dream car, but not sure if you can squeeze everyone in? Having your wedding at our Wedding Estate means you can have what ever dream car you or your partner want with out the concerns of fitting the entire bridal party in or having to hire the car for as many hours.

Ballara Receptions is your ultimate wedding destination.  Contact us today for a tour or more information.

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