Wedding Ceremony Music Ideas – 2023 Trends

From your arrival, to walking down the aisle and even signing the registry, there are so many options to consider when it comes to wedding ceremony music.


As we dive deeper into 2023, wedding ceremony music trends will continue to evolve and change, depending on the popularity of songs and what couples want.

Wedding Ceremony Music Ideas Eltham

Your Wedding, Your Music Taste


When it comes to incorporating wedding ceremony music into your day, it’s up to you whether you choose live musicians, ambient music, personalised playlists, or add in non-traditional choices. The key is to create a soundtrack that reflects your personal style and sets the tone for your special day.

If the sound of scratchy music coming through a speaker isn’t for you, you might want to consider live musicians. Some popular choices include strong quartets, harpists, pianists and even acoustic guitarists or small bands.

Create that relaxing laidback vibe for your beach or outdoor ceremony with ambient music. This might include the likes of the sounds of nature, soft electronic beats or even instrumental music.

Wedding Ceremony Music that will never go out of style

One trend that continues to stand the test of time is the modern take on a classic song.

While traditional wedding ceremony music will never go out of style, modern takes on classics are becoming increasingly popular.


Wedding Ceremony Music Ideas Eltham

Couples are choosing modern covers of classic songs or remixes of traditional pieces to add a unique touch to their ceremony.

For example, you might choose a modern cover of “Here Comes the Bride” or a remix of “Canon in D.”

Wedding Ceremony Music Ideas Eltham

How to create your ceremony music playlist

If you want to take the personal path, there are multiple music platforms to help you compile your list of chosen songs. You can create a list that includes your favourite songs or put together tunes that hold sentimental value.


Wedding Ceremony Music Ideas Eltham

Wedding Ceremony Music can be fun!

If you’re feeling creative, why not collaborate with a musician and come up with your very own wedding song. If you’re not quite up to the task, but aren’t a fan of the traditional wedding songs, why not pick songs from a different genre like rock or pop or even hip hop.

From easy beats to rock tunes, choosing your wedding ceremony music is all about you and what you want to create special memories for you and your guests. If you need a bit of help with heading in the right direction, Ballara Receptions has plenty of Wedding Ceremony Music Ideas and is here to help.