Wedding Bonbonniere Inspiration

Can’t decide what to give your guests as a ‘thank you’ for being part of your wedding celebration? Here is some Wedding Bonbonniere Inspiration.

Now is the time to get creative and have some fun. Show your guests how much you appreciate them for being part of your day and put something out that everyone will enjoy. There’s plenty of wedding bonbonniere inspiration out there!

A bonbonniere started out traditionally as a small, lidded jar or box filled with confectionary and given to guests as a ‘favour’ at a special event. They have become increasingly interesting over the decades, with inclusions more and more creative. Your guests will already love their time spent at Ballara Reception’s gorgeous grounds, they’ll love you even more for gifting them something thoughtful or fun. Here is some wedding bonbonniere inspiration to get you started.

Wedding Bonbonniere Inspiration

Home-made treats

Be it a family recipe or something you picked up from a cooking show, little jars of homemade jams or pickles will be appreciated. It’s something to spread on their toast or accompany their steak at home.

A treat station

Have a table laden with a huge assortment of sweets (lollies) and cellophane bags or little boxes. Your guests can choose all their favorites to fill a bag or box and take it with them. You may consider local artisanal candy makers for this option.


Tiny succulents are not only adorable, but they need little maintenance and will grow to spectacular beauties. Some cacti are so special they will even sprout beautiful bright flowers in the future.

Wedding Bonbonniere Ideas

A flower arrangement station

Staying with the plant theme, you could also have a flower arrangement station, where your guests can make their own little arrangements to take home.

Pampering items

Everyone loves a little something to pamper themselves. Lip balms, soaps, scrubs, and lotions work a treat. You can even have them made for females and males, so there is something for everyone.

Pen and paper

A pen and notepad for each guest, both with your favourite love-related quote on it, will be a useful token of thanks.

The possibilities for wedding bonbonniere go far beyond this list. Have fun with it, be sure your guests have fun too. To start planning your dream wedding, contact Ballara Receptions today.

Wedding Bonbonniere Inspo