You’ve chosen to serve Vegetarian Wedding Food on your big day.  Whatever has motivated your decision, it’s a fantastic one!

Some of the most beautiful wedding dishes are plant-based.  If you are looking to create a mouth-watering Vegetarian Wedding Food menu, the team at Ballara Receptions is here to help.

Before you start planning your menu, you need to get clear about what vegetarian wedding food means to you and your guests.  Vegetarianism can lead you down a variety of roads, so it is best to understand how to navigate the terrain!

Ballara Wedding Venue - Vegetarian Wedding Food - Vegetarian Arancini Balls

Vegetarian Wedding Food 

To be vegetarian is generally defined as a person who does not eat meat of any kind. Typically this means that someone who is vegetarian won’t eat beef, chicken, lamb, pork, veal or seafood.  Unless specified, the general assumption is that they will eat dairy, eggs and honey. 


Vegan Wedding Food

If you or your guests don’t eat any animal products at all, including dairy, eggs, honey and meat of any kind, this is defined as a vegan diet.  If choosing a vegan menu, you will also need to exclude meals or desserts that contain gelatine.  If someone on the guestlist notes that they are vegan on their RSVP, be mindful that they may also be uncomfortable with other animal products that appear at weddings, such as leather and silk.

Pescatarian Wedding Food

A vegetarian who also includes seafood and shellfish in their diet is called pescatarian.  A pescatarian menu can be a great middle-ground, appealing to both the plant-based eaters and meat-lovers.


Delicious Vegetarian Wedding Food for Everyone 

Gone are the days when vegetarian wedding food was either a bowl of chickpea salad or a tomato-based vegetable pasta. 

Nowadays, you will find plenty of faux meats that are good enough to create popular meat-based cuisine that anyone can eat!

Alternatively, you can focus on beautiful seasonal produce, and create sensational plant-based meals that include veggie stacks, risotto and salads.  For great canapés, think spring rolls with chilli dipping sauce, flavour-filled salsas and cauliflower fritters.


Don’t Forget the Drinks

Remember to check any alcoholic beverages you are serving, to ensure they don’t contain traces of animal products such as milk, eggs or fish.  There are plenty of vegan wines to choose from, if you know what to look for.


For hot drinks, have a couple of plant-milks on offer – almond and soy milk are two of the most popular choices.


Whether you are vegetarian yourself, dreaming of a completely plant-based wedding menu, or you have vegetarian wedding guests attending who require something different to the standard fare, Ballara Receptions has an expert team ready to create an amazing menu.


Contact us at Ballara Receptions today for more information, or to arrange a tour of our extensive grounds and facilities.