Unique Wedding Ideas to Make Your Day Pop

Getting married is going to be the highlight of your life so coming up with Unique Wedding Ideas to make your day a standout is a must!

From the minute you walk down the aisle to the final goodbye, make every second of the day count with unique wedding ideas that will have your guests talking about your special day long after it’s over.

Come up with your unique wedding ideas in the initial planning stages to ensure you can incorporate them into your day in the best way possible. Think about things outside of the box, something people don’t usually see that encapsulates you both as a couple, as individuals and creates a fun atmosphere for all wedding attendees.

Unique Wedding Ideas
  • Caricature Artist – Bring some fun and laughs with your wedding guests taking home a special drawing of themselves.
  • Fairy Floss, Ice Cream or Bubble Tea Cart – Add a different dimension to the food and beverage menu with some sugary goodness, cool treats or an attention grabbing drink.
  • Change the menu – Instead of an alternate table drop when it comes to the main meal, set up a buffet style arrangement and let guests choose their own.
  • Song requests – combine yours and all your guests favourite songs into the perfect playlist. Ask your guests to let you know their favourite song when they RSVP. Check out our blog about Personalised Wedding Music HERE.
  • Change up your guest book – Instead of the traditional guest book which often finds itself buried in a drawer, provide your guests with a beloved travel book or another book you read a lot. Have them write in the margins and inside the covers and leave it on your coffee table to read anytime you want.
  • Table names – Instead of numbers, create table names that have meaning to you. Think favourite travel locations, sporting teams or even television shows you both love.
 Unique Wedding Ideas - Fairy Floss Van

Do-It-Yourself Ideas:

  • Trivia – How much do your guests know about the happy couple and your love story?
  • Advice Cards – Get all your guests to write down their best pieces of advice that you can treasure forever.
  • I Spy Game with Polaroid Cameras – everyone loves a game, why not take it up a level and add an extra element of fun with polaroid cameras.
  • Photo booth/polaroid camera – Set up a booth with props or leave a polaroid camera for your guests to leave you with photo memories of the day.

The possibilities are endless, and you can make your wedding day as special and unique as you are. If you need more inspiration, have a chat with the team at Ballara Receptions. With a range of wedding packages and the ultimate experience in creating wonderful weddings, we’re here to help make your day amazing!