Do you want all the romance of a daytime wedding amplified? Then a Twilight Wedding is the ultimate romance, and perfect for you.

A twilight wedding is the ultimate romance because you get to say “I do” under a canopy of stars. Furthermore, the light makes for incredible photos and the mood will be different to daytime nuptials – a little more magical.

Twilight wedding – ultimate romance

A long time ago, many countries considered a daytime wedding to be the only real marriage. There were even laws that stated so, and couples didn’t have much of a choice as to when their ceremony would take place. Decades later, we are in a different world. Couples have so many choices now, and that means a nighttime wedding and all the wonderful things that go with it.

Twilight Wedding

Great lighting

Fairy lights and candles, combined with a natural canopy of stars and the moon. It’s the epitome of romance, and a whimsical backdrop for a couple to wed. And let’s not forget the photos. Your photographer will be able to create the most stunning photos under this ethereal lighting – capturing the true romance of the moment. Nothing could be better.

Ballara Receptions can take up to 160 guests and has several locations on site. The chapel, lakeside area and private garden area can all be decked out to look absolutely magical at night.

Twilight Wedding Ceremony

More fun for your guests

There is something about a twilight wedding that often brings out a carefree and mischievous atmosphere. Directly after a formal dinner or a cocktail-style reception (you decide!), everyone can head straight to the dance floor in Ballara’s large ballroom. You and your guests can really let loose and have a blast dancing the night away.


A twilight wedding is the epitome of romance. Do something different that will leave everyone looking back on your wedding with fondness in years to come. Contact Ballara Receptions to start planning your perfect wedding.

Twilight Wedding Melbourne