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Trending Now – Neon Wedding Signs

Looking for something unique to commemorate your wedding day? How about neon wedding signs!

We’re seeing neon wedding signs all over the wedding industry and have had a few neon signs around the grounds here at Ballara Receptions. Take a read to get some inspo for your wedding day!

Neon wedding signs are an emerging trend – but boy, it is a visually exciting trend! These signs make for bright and memorable wedding day photos as well as really fun, eye-catching decorations for the reception.

Use neon signs for the bridal table, cake and gift tables. Place as a prop amongst our gardens and scenery for an extra element in your wedding photos.


Where can I find neon wedding signs?

This trend is fast picking up pace, so there are numerous vendors to choose from. Most operate online, and a quick web search will make these all available to you. You can browse through their websites and find ready-made designs, or templates so you can decide on the design/shape and colours, and what the sign will say. If you pick the latter, you’ll get to choose a phrase that is of significance to you both.

You can design or hire signs with our friends at Event Neon Signs, who have provided our couples with personalised signs for us in previous weddings at Ballara Receptions.

How much do they cost?

Prices vary across board. Shop around. You could pay anything from AU$150 to AU$460 for a readymade sign depending on the size, number of letters or how complex the design is. You can also hire signs for your special day instead of purchasing to keep.


What should our sign say?

Whatever you want! Something that goes beyond the wedding is best, so you can use the sign around your home. Perhaps a quote or phrase that means something to you both. Here are some ideas:

And so the story begins
Just Married
To the moon and back
You make my heart sing
Love lives here

These signs not only give your wedding day extra flair, they are also something that can you treasure display in your homes to remember your special day. The options are aplenty. For more wedding inspiration ideas, take a look at our Ballara Wedding Blog.