The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

Design your dream wedding with The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist from Ballara Receptions.

You’ve announced your engagement and set the date, so now it is time to start organising.  At Ballara Receptions we’ve come up with The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist to help make the process extra-smooth.

Included in the booking package for all Ballara newlyweds-to-be, The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist is particularly helpful for couples who are planning their wedding at this one-of-a-kind Yarra Valley venue.

Our expert team really knows weddings inside and out.  In order to create this comprehensive checklist, we made sure it met several requirements.

Timeline Specific

By dividing the checklist into timeframes, couples can get a lot more clarity around the planning process and enjoy it all the more.  Focusing on the right steps at the right time reduces the stress load and can prevent brides and grooms (and their support crews) from feeling overwhelmed.

Trying to make decisions twelve months prior to the wedding that are best made three or four months before can add unnecessary pressure that turns wedding planning into a chore rather than a joy.

Breaking it Down

Tackling one big, long list can lead to panic stations.  We have put together The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist to help break the to-dos into bite-sized pieces that are the foundation of good organisation.

Categories such as budgeting, booking vendors and finalising your plans are just a few of the time-dependent items our checklist covers.  Within each category there are sub-categories and tasks.

Everything is Covered

This complete checklist covers everything you need to know, from the earliest planning stages to the big day itself!  Having expert guidance is just part of the service that the Ballara Receptions team is famous for.

Exchanging vows and celebrating at the one venue makes for a seamlessly styled and managed occasion that is unforgettable.

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