Weddings are always magical, but so much can be done to make it even more so. Your Wedding Aisles are a great place to start.

Wedding aisles might seem to be only briefly focused on at weddings, but they can really set the tone for the exchanging of vows and the start of your married life together.

Let’s check out some of the freshest trends for wedding aisles.

Dry ice

The ever reliable, ever ethereal dry ice effect has been used in all kinds of applications and has recently been a part of wedding aisle magic. The scene is perfect – the bride gliding down the aisle through a cloud of dry mist. The softness of the fog enveloping the bride’s and groom’s legs as they recite their vows. The effects of dry ice make for amazing photos too.

Neon signs

Neon signs are no longer just for shops and cafés. The neon sign has evolved into a brilliant feature for modern weddings.

The Ballara events team can put you in touch with some of the best neon sign vendors in Melbourne.

Wedding Aisles

Large arrangements down the aisle

Very big and dramatic floral arrangements down the entire aisle are all the rage. Install them at the end of each row of seats. Then you can even repurpose them at your reception, carrying through with the theme.

Big aisle entrance bouquets

There is nothing like a big entrance. Large floral arrangements at the front of the aisle are dramatic, but don’t distract from other more important pieces, such as your a ceremonial arch.

Flowers tied to the chairs

This is great for those who want a simple yet chic vibe. Added bonus: you won’t have to break the bank. Flowers are expensive, but if you choose those that can last long periods out of water (tropical flowers, mums or carnations), it will worth attaching them to the seating for a touch of elegance. If your flowers are fragile, however, have someone place them before the ceremony then return to water as soon as possible.

Wedding Aisle Trends

Flowers that are “grown” right there

For an outdoor wedding, you can use the ground as a means of holding flowers upright all down the aisle. Your coordinators just have to create small holes for water vial and cover them up with grass or moss. Voila!

Hanging floral installations

Perfect for the ceremony as well as the reception. Hanging floral arrangements are like pieces of art and will lend a creative, quirky feel to your wedding. They’re also easy and fun to make.


Beautifully decorated wedding aisles set the tone for an amazing wedding. At Ballara, your team of wedding and event specialists can help create the perfect floral arrangements and provide décor as part of your customisable wedding package.

Be sure to check out the Ballara Receptions website for more ideas and contact us to arrange a personal tour of the venue.

Dry Ice - Wedding Aisles