Who said that weddings have to take place on a weekend?  There are many benefits of weekday weddings!

The variety of benefits of weekday weddings should not be overlooked.  While for some the decision might be driven by practicality, for others it can make sense on other levels.

If you’re still not sure whether it is a viable option for your special day, we’re here to help.  Below, we discuss some of the benefits of weekday weddings that really do make it a brilliant choice!

Benefits of Weekday Weddings


It might not be the most romantic reason, but it is a vitally important one – so we’re just going to come right out and say it.  A weekday wedding can be a great money saver.  How much you can save depends on the time of year, the demand for the venue, and the particular day of the week. 

While some choose to get married in the cooler seasons to keep their budget in check, a weekday wedding can relieve some of the monetary pressure, while everyone can still enjoy a spring or summer celebration.

Avoiding the Weekend Rush

Some of the most popular venues are located in busy weekend destinations for locals and tourists alike.  If your chosen venue is in the heart of a busy weekend zone, a weekday wedding could be just the solution to avoid the hordes. 

Areas such as the Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley, while relatively quiet, can get busier on weekends.  If this is something you’d rather not contend with – for your sake and your guests’ – move the weekday wedding option further up your criteria list!

Weekday Wedding Benefits

Easy Booking

You’ve got a list of your favourite wedding service providers, but it seems that they are booked for every weekend until 2025!  Here is one of the most valuable benefits of weekday weddings – your preferred suppliers are more likely to have dates available during the week. 

Imagine having the hair and makeup artists you always wanted, along with the perfect wedding car hire, celebrant and entertainment.  Your florist and cake supplier can give you that extra service without having multiple weddings booked for the day, and your range of options could open up beyond your imagination.

Long Weekend, Anyone?

Lock in a weekday wedding, and you may well find that some of your guests are extra happy too!  Not only do they get a day or two off work, but they can make an extra long weekend of it.  This is particularly fantastic for venues that are in prime getaway locations, such as the Yarra Valley.

When you send out your invitations, include information about local accommodation choices and experiences.  There is every chance that some of your family and friends will stay on to continue the party after you have hit the tarmac for your honeymoon!


The benefits of weekday weddings are not limited to these – we’ve just given you a sneak peak into a few of them so that you can get used to this less popular, but very clever wedding day option.

Ballara Receptions is the perfect venue for your weekday wedding.  With stunning grounds, a variety of backdrops to choose from, and some of the finest dining in the region, everyone is sure to have an unforgettable time.

You will find that there are also plenty of local places to visit, sights to see and experiences to become immersed in.  Contact Ballara Receptions today and book your ultimate weekday wedding venue.