Celebrate in the sunshine with a summer wedding venue in Melbourne

When planning your wedding, remember there are few things better than a summer wedding venue in Melbourne.

It’s nice to have your ceremony and reception in the one place, and there is a summer wedding venue in Melbourne that has it all. You can have the wedding of your dreams in a gorgeous location, not far from the CBD.

Summer wedding venue melbourne
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Greater flexibility

Getting married in summer means you will have more venue choices.

You can easily have parts of your event outdoors, and some indoors.

At Ballara Receptions, you can enjoy both your ceremony and reception with their outdoor and indoor options.

The private garden area and gazebo will be beautiful with all those vibrant summer colours.

Or if you’d prefer something by the water, the lakeside area and jetty are just for you!

Melbourne does rain in the summer too, so the chapel can be on standby, comfortably seating up to 160 guests.


summer wedding gazebo

Evening Wedding?

Furthermore, with extra daylight, you can choose to have an evening ceremony, and let the reception flow into the night.

Ballara Receptions can arrange a canopy of twinkling fairy lights – adding to the magic of the night under the moon and stars.


Photos will look even better

In summer, everything is in full bloom at Ballara Receptions. The grass is greener, the flowers more vivid than ever.

Every corner you turn is another photo opportunity. With the extra daylight in summer, the glow of the ‘golden hour’ will last longer and illuminate photos with warm shades that aren’t present in the colder months.

Sunset photos are a possibility too. Your wedding album and video will be simply stunning.

A more creative reception

Warm weather enables you to be more fun and creative at the reception. You can mingle and dance in the large ballroom and take it outside to the lawn.

Wedding reception games outdoors are all the rage right now, your guests will love the chance to let loose, especially the ones for whom dancing may not be a favourite activity!

The possibilities are endless with summer weddings. You can have everything you’ve ever dreamed of, without the constrictions of colder weather.

Contact Ballara Receptions and let them create the ultimate wedding.

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