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Make your special day unforgettable by choosing Springtime garden wedding venues Melbourne! 


There are many reasons to have a springtime garden wedding.

From the lovely weather, to the gorgeous springtime colour palettes, and especially the fresh seasonal blooms, spring is the perfect wedding season.

But selecting the right venue can be one of the hardest parts of planning your perfect day.

Luckily, Ballara Receptions beautiful grounds and romantic atmosphere take away all that stress, and provides you with the perfect garden wedding venues Melbourne!

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Ballara Receptions beautiful grounds showcase the essence of springtime, highlighting the natural beauty of the season. 

Amongst perfectly manicured lawns, elegant garden features and a host of romantic photo opportunities across the venue, they have it all.

Whether you wish to commemorate your union in the on-site chapel, posing together by the lakeside, or even on an intimate stroll through the private gardens, Ballara Receptions suits every couple’s needs.

Capture the day

Allow your photographer to capture all these special moments surrounded by the beauty of spring – just explore the grounds and find your perfect moment amongst the luscious greenery!

You’ll no doubt be able to look back on these photos and remember how gorgeous your garden wedding day was.

Between the fresh, seasonal blooms and heart-warming sunshine, your wedding will be an unforgettable experience as you surround yourself with the support of your loved ones in such a beautiful venue.

Offering one of the best options for garden wedding venues Melbourne, Ballara Receptions provides the perfect setting for your special day.

So, when it comes to springtime celebrations, clearly there is a lot to consider.

Ensuring your venue will have the perfect photo opportunities and give you that perfect romantic atmosphere that every wedding deserves, is no easy task.

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There is no better way to commemorate your spring wedding than holding the festivities in a place that celebrates the natural beauty of the season, so allow Ballara Receptions to suit all your springtime needs and provide you with one of the best garden wedding venues Melbourne!

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