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Spanish Wedding Foods are more than a cuisine. They’re a cultural experience and one that’s social, fresh and in the mood for a party.


While there’s any number of delicious dishes originating from this colourful country, there are some Spanish Wedding Foods that are particularly suited to a celebration. Here’s some ideas for your special day.


Tapas is one of the best known and most loved styles of Spanish Wedding Food. And for good reason. The flexibility and flavours of Tapas allows you to cater to all of your guests tastes and intolerances. Morsels such as chorizo skewers, calamari, olives and cured hams are served in bite sized parcels perfect for a cocktail or relaxed style of wedding.

Ballara Receptions - Spanish Wedding Food
Ballara Receptions - Spanish Wedding Foods Set The Mood For a Party

It’s a myth that the origins of pasta can be solely claimed by the Italians. A traditional seafood dish called Fideua, is similar to Paella but made with pasta noodles instead of rice. Full of flavour and, like Paella, is wonderful for serving many hungry people. Other dishes to consider are slow cooked or whole roasted meat dishes seasoned with Spanish flavours such as paprika, saffron, lemon and Mediterranean herbs.

Fresh, fruity drinks are a staple for a Spanish style party and Sangria is a must. For a personal, provincial touch consider providing home-made Sangria to serve in jugs. Reception venues such as Ballara Receptions are happy to discuss this sort of creativity in catering for a wedding. A good recipe and a bit of love will produce a refreshing drink guests will be hankering to sample.

For toasting the couple, the French have their Champagne, the Italians – Prosecco, and for the Spanish, it’s Cava. Mostly produced in Catalonia, this sparkling drink comes in a White or Rosé range. Choose décor and music to complement the theme and you will create yourself a warm, wonderful occasion with Spanish flair.

If this sounds like the type of exuberant celebration you would love for your wedding, talk to us at Ballara Receptions about Spanish Wedding Foods – and any other ideas or advice you need to plan your big day.