All Year Wedding Reception Venue

If you are unsure of what time of year to get married then you would want to check out a Seasonal Wedding Reception Venue.

No matter what time of year you’re getting married, your wedding should be beautiful.

At Ballara Receptions we are lucky enough to have a venue that is stunning all year round.

From ceremony to reception to photos- there isn’t a wrong choice!

There are so many different benefits to getting married in various seasons. And, depending on what you want for your day, you should consider all the options.

Have a read as we take you through how to take advantage of seasonal choices for your wedding.

Seasonal Wedding Reception Venue


Embrace the sunny weather and have your ceremony beside the lake.

With perfect weather (and amazing lighting for your photos), summer is a versatile time of the year that will give any wedding a joyful atmosphere.



With its orange and red hues, autumn is a stunning time of the year to get married.

Opt for an indoor ceremony and reception, before taking your photos in the gardens. Nothing says gorgeous like a photoshoot full of fallen autumn leaves.

Wedding at Ballara


Here at Ballara Receptions, we love a winter wedding.

And a ballroom reception is perfect for this time of the year.

Cosy up inside and lean into the wintery elements for a wedding that is welcoming, loving and intimate.



With flowers blossoming and nature in full force, spring is one of the most popular times of the year to get married.

Indoors, outdoors or a bit of both, spring weddings can take place pretty much anywhere!

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All Seasons

Regardless of whether it’s summer, autumn, winter or spring- your wedding will benefit from the beautiful surroundings at Ballara Receptions.

If you’re looking for a Seasonal Wedding Reception Venue, get in touch with the team at Ballara Receptions.


Not only will they help you plan your wedding, but they’ll also provide a venue that will look captivating all year round.

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