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Popular Times to get Engaged to Make Sure the Answer is YES

There are some Popular Times to get Engaged that might increase your chances of hearing “YES!”. Here’s some ideas to consider if you’re about to pop the question!

While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to proposing, choosing one of the popular times to get engaged could make all the difference to the outcome.

Popular Times to get Engaged

Perhaps it’s the festive atmosphere, or the love and emotion that’s shared at this time of year. Whatever the reason, Christmas seems to be the decisive winner of all the popular times to get engaged. It’s the season for celebration, gathering and gift giving. Thoughtfully chosen and well planned, a gorgeously wrapped gift box holding a stunning engagement ring will be the ultimate Christmas gift. While Christmas Eve and Day are the standouts for proposals, some say that a woman’s idea of the perfect moment may fall on a different calendar date altogether.

Valentine’s Day! A wedding survey in the US found that this date was voted by women as the ultimate time to become engaged. If you’re about to propose and want to ensure a romantic, memorable proposal, then perhaps Valentine’s Day is your moment.

It was a narrow margin however, and there were other meaningful dates that could be just as special.

A classic move is getting down on one knee at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. As well as being a fun, frivolous night, New Years is also symbolic of new beginnings and fresh starts. Incredibly romantic, a New Year’s Eve proposal provides all the atmosphere and fireworks for the big moment, free of charge.

Other popular times to get engaged include birthdays, anniversaries or after pre-dinner cocktails at a romantic restaurant and also while on a tropical holiday.

Although we’ve provided a general guide, if you have special dates meaningful to you as a couple then perhaps you already have your perfect moment in mind!

Once you’ve officially become an engaged couple, book in a tour of the beautiful grounds at Ballara Receptions and start creating your dream wedding. Good luck!