Popular Engagement Ring Styles 

With the market flooded with a beautiful array of engagement ring styles, careful consideration should be taken when choosing the perfect one. Whether you are choosing the ring with your partner or surprising your loved one, making the right decision on the style and design is important.

Suiting different tastes and price ranges, the decision process can be overwhelming and confusing, hence, knowing the basics can help make all the difference.

After understanding specific terms including pave, halo, cut, colour, carat and clarity, it is then time to look at different engagement ring styles. Round, princess, oval, marquise, pear and radiant are some of the most popular choices when choosing a diamond shape for a diamond ring setting. Engagement ring settings that have gained popularity include:


A solitaire setting showcases the diamond and its stunning features. This timeless and classy look continues to gain popularity. No matter the diamond choice, this is a great option that last eternity and will not go out of fashion.


For something a little more bold, a halo setting will bring the glitz with small diamonds placed around the large diamond to accentuate the middle stone. This is a beautiful style that works well with many diamond shapes especially round, oval, pear, emerald and princess cut.

Three Stone Ring

Three stone ring setting is not only aesthetically beautiful, it has a beautiful meaning behind its design. Symbolising the past, present and future of a couple, this gorgeous setting has a great deal of sentiment behind its beauty. The two side diamonds do a great job of accentuating the middle diamond showing off the main attraction. Whether you choose the same cut diamond for all three settings, or a mixture to accentuate the middle, this is a lovely choice that has many great features.

Popular Engagement Ring Styles
Popular Engagement Ring Styles
Popular Engagement Ring Styles

Along with these exquisite engagement ring styles, each can fit perfectly within a bridal set, from a full diamond encrusted band or a plainer option. With a variety of choices, lifestyle and personal taste will also play a role in choosing the perfect engagement ring and bridal set.

Besides style, there are a variety of different metals that can be chosen to set your diamonds. With white, rose and yellow gold most commonly known, there are many other metals that are used for engagement and wedding rings including titanium and platinum. Platinum has gained popularity thanks to its durability that will last you a life time.

With so much to consider, there is one thing for certain, ‘diamonds are a girls best friend’, well at least that is what Marilyn Monroe believes! No matter the design or style chosen, your engagement ring will always be a reminder of your love and commitment to each other.

Once you have the engagement ring and officially engaged, book in a tour of Ballara to see how you can make your wedding dream come true.