Tie the knot surrounded by the beauty of nature with one of the best Outdoor Wedding Venues Melbourne has to offer.

Your wedding will be one of the most special days of your entire life. When you choose a venue that lights you up out of the selection of top outdoor wedding venues in Melbourne, it will make your day even more special.

Melbourne is one of Australia’s prime cities in which to get married, and the Yarra Valley is the wedding hub of our great city. While there are many outdoor wedding venues in Melbourne where you can say “I do”, finding the one spot that resonates with you is not as easy. Of course, if you check out Ballara Receptions early in your search, you may find that the decision becomes a lot easier!

Outdoor Wedding Venue Melbourne

Outdoor wedding venues Melbourne

There are several reasons why you should get married outdoors. The stunning outdoors – especially during the warmer months – provides a magnificent backdrop for the ceremony as well as the photos. Natural light is the best light for photography – it’s a photographer’s dream. The light can be a mix of soft and warm depending on the time of day, with plenty of dimension. Your photographer can have their pick – they’ll know which areas have the best lighting depending on the time of day. You will have plenty of beautiful photos that you can treasure for a lifetime.

Outdoor Wedding Venues Melbourne

A versatile choice

When planning an outdoor wedding, you should pick a venue that has several options. Ballara Receptions has several different outdoor areas. With expansive grounds, a lake, lakeside jetty, private garden, gazebo area and courtyard, your only problem will be deciding which one is best for your ceremony! Depending on the number of guests, any one of these spots will make for a magical wedding. You should also remember to plan for temperamental Melbourne weather. A beautiful chapel is also on the grounds. Should it rain or be a scorching hot day, you and your guests can enjoy the ceremony in comfort, as the Chapel has heating and air-condition for year-round comfort.

Outdoor Wedding Venues in Melbourne

Finish the day right

At Ballara, we can seat 60-160 guests, and along with all those wonderful areas within the grounds, there is also a large ballroom for the reception. A stunning venue like this allows for guests to mingle inside and outside as they please. You’re not limited to sunlit photos and backdrops, either. Ballara Receptions is renowned for its fairy lights and enchanting twilight and evening settings, also perfect for achieving exquisite photographs.


You and your guests will have complete and exclusive access to our extraordinary grounds during the day and night, even throughout the reception. At Ballara, we only host one wedding at a time, so you won’t have to share the experience with anyone else. It’s just you, your family and friends, and the lucky photographer, as you all move around the estate as you wish without any time restrictions or cumbersome rules to dampen the excitement… or your photos.

An outdoor wedding in natural settings is a truly romantic way to begin your lives together. Contact Ballara Receptions today to arrange a tour of the grounds.

Outdoor Wedding Venue in Melbourne