Ballara Wedding Reception Melbourne

Victoria is abundant with amazing locations that are just wonderful for weddings. One of the best Melbourne wedding reception is right here at Ballara Receptions.

There is a vast array of Melbourne wedding venues on offer in Victoria, to suit all tastes and budgets. But the best wedding receptions in Melbourne are picturesque and offer brilliant options for both the ceremony and reception.

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On The Hunt for The Best Melbourne Wedding Receptions?

Every couple has their preferences and ideas of what makes the perfect wedding.

And if you’re looking for a venue that can put on an incredible ceremony and reception, you mustn’t overlook Ballara Receptions, this is the perfect place.

Ballara Receptions gives you the freedom to decide where you would like your ceremony. There is a lakeside area complete with a jetty, a garden area with a gazebo and a pretty chapel that seats 60-160 guests. With Melbourne weather being rather unpredictable, you can rest easy knowing Ballara Receptions is prepared.

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The perfect wedding album in the making

On Ballara Receptions expansive grounds, you will be surrounded by lust greenery and beautiful flowers.

Wedding photographers and videographers love it here, because romantic and leafy backdrops are everywhere. The beauty here will make its way into your wedding album for you to treasure forever.

Your wedding, your way

Ballara Receptions are here to make you wedding dreams a reality. You can have every aspect of your wedding the way you want it, be it the theme, colour scheme, decorations, flowers, music, food and every other unique element that make its just yours. The large ballroom has a dancefloor to keep everyone happy and dancing up a storm.

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You and your guests will also be treated to a gourmet meal made with premium local ingredients.

Whether you choose a seated reception or casual cocktail reception, the menu is customisable should anyone have special dietary requirements.

You’ve been dreaming of this day for so long.

Allow Ballara Receptions to make it all that you want it to be.

Call them today.