We’ve had to say goodbye to some amazing Old Wedding Venues in recent years and decided to pay homage with a little trip down memory lane!

So, which of the old wedding venues do are missed the most by Melbourne couples? The Ballara Receptions team members put together a list of their favourite bygone venues.

Which of these iconic old wedding venues do you remember?


This popular venue was once the beating bridal heart of Elsternwick in Melbourne’s inner east and was known for its glamorous ballroom and chameleon status. It really was a blank canvas for weddings of all styles and sizes.

One of the reasons this topped our list of old wedding venues is that Maison’s renowned flexibility is one of the key elements of Ballara’s reception spaces. We know how important it is for couples to find a space where they can create their unique wedding and love that our venue offers that feature.

What else did people love about Maison? Complimentary onsite parking was a big plus for everyone attending. Nobody likes having to find parking that is too far from the venue to walk comfortably in heels! That’s why Ballara has made sure there is plenty of parking for everyone onsite – it really saves a lot of headaches on the day and makes it much more enjoyable for all involved.

Old Wedding Venues Melbourne

The Willows

Many couples were devastated when The Willows suddenly closed its doors in 2018. This beautiful, heritage-listed St Kilda Road venue was truly one-of-a-kind, leaving the spirit of Melbourne’s wedding industry a little broken.

Those seeking a venue that has an historic energy still have plenty of great options, however, whether in Melbourne itself, or the Yarra Ranges area. Ballara Receptions can provide the perfect nostalgia-inspired backdrop, with expansive grounds that scream romance!

One of the key reasons for The Willows popularity was its combination of indoor and outdoor facilities and locations. Added to this was the ability to have everything at one location, from ceremony through to reception. Couples can also achieve this cohesive transition at Ballara – not having to travel from one venue to another on your special day is a big win for everyone.

Butleigh Wootton

This Kew venue was the epitome of opulence and grace, with chandeliers dripping from the high ceilings and a large, grand staircase. The intimate courtyard and garden space was home to countless wedding ceremonies and the venue had many other features, including private space upstairs for the bridal party to enjoy time out and for the bride’s makeup and hair touch ups.

Their menu included many mouthwatering food options, just like the offerings at Ballara. From generous sit down three course meals to deliciously inviting finger foods and grazing stations, you can fulfill your Butleigh Wootton-inspired foodie dreams at Ballara Receptions.

Red Scooter

Of all the old wedding venues in Melbourne, Red Scooter had to be the most unique. With its modern urban style and eclectic décor, this venue was once a must-see for any couples wanting to make a statement on their wedding day. Located in Balaclava, the award-winning Red Scooter was known for weddings of all sizes, from the intimate to the huge and lavish.

The Red Scooter family was also recognised for its commitment to sustainability and amazing food and wine. With a selection of all-inclusive wedding and reception packages that featured a variety of catering options, a dedicated wedding coordinator and gorgeous backdrops, this venue is sorely missed.

The crew at Ballara Receptions understands the importance of customisable all-inclusive wedding packages. We offer our own selection of packages that ensure couples are able to confidently create their ideal wedding day.


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