Placeholder image Melbourne Garden Wedding Venue for your Summer Ceremony

Melbourne Garden Wedding Venue for your Summer Ceremony

A summer ceremony is the perfect way to celebrate your special day, but it can be hard finding the right venue to make the most of that summer sun.

Luckily, a Melbourne garden wedding venue has everything you could ever need to ensure your day is the celebration you’ve always dreamed of!

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Picturesque Summer

Summer is the season of sunshine and blue skies, and always manages to bring an air of delight to its seasonal activities.

Allow these blooms to set the stage for the perfect garden wedding, where you can celebrate your union surrounded by the natural beauty of the season.

Summer is full of gorgeous seasonal blooms and plants that thrive in the ample sun, creating a picturesque garden scene.


Memorable photos’s are made here

Your photos will be a beautiful memento of your wedding day as you stroll through private gardens, across the lush grounds of your venue, or even as you look out the ballroom windows to take in the beauty around you.

This venue presents you with endless photo opportunities that will add a leafy and romantic touch to a treasured memory.


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And with three months of that summer beauty to choose from, you can ensure the timing is perfect for you.

Perhaps you may opt for a January wedding and begin your new life together at the turn of the new year, or you might celebrate your union in December.

Surrounded by the seasonal festivities. You could even get married in February, where the spirit of valentines and love fills the air!


Whatever you choose, it should be magical.

By selecting a Melbourne garden wedding venue, you can be certain that your big day will be one to remember.

Between the sunshine and clear blue skies, Summer is the perfect season for your dream wedding, but choosing the right venue is no easy task.

So why not make the most of the summer sun, and contact Ballara Receptions for your garden wedding!

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