Let the power of song tell your unique love story with the Latest Wedding Music for 2021.

The music choices for your big day are a reflection of who you are as individuals and as a couple. The latest wedding music for 2021 seems to be aligning with other trends, inspired by simplicity and uncluttered beauty.

So, with so many shifts in the way weddings are being planned this year, what is trending in the latest wedding music for 2021?

All about acoustic

There are some sublime songs out there, just perfect for weddings, but sometimes you can’t hear the heart of the music for all the “extras”.

Enter the acoustic cover phenomenon. Take any song, strip it back to bare bones, and it often reveals a melodic heart-melter! Guitar, piano, or simple a cappella versions of songs are taking centre-stage at ceremonies and receptions.

For some inspiration, check out the Andie Case channel on YouTube. You’re sure to find your perfect processional, signing, or first dance music here!

Latest Wedding Music for 2021

The not-soppy love song

Surprise your guests with a song that isn’t quite your usual love ballad! Couples are looking well outside the square for the ditty that perfectly captures their journey – delving into feelings of friendship, partnership, and deep connection. Songs that are whimsical, comical, or upbeat are getting a look in lately.

Want to move the crowd with something different? Check out Adam Sandler’s “I Wanna Grow Old With You” from The Wedding Singer movie, “Friday, I’m in Love” by The Cure, or “Love on Top” by Beyoncé.

Music for family and friends

One of the latest trends in wedding reception music is not just for the happy couple, but for the whole room! This is a great time to get everyone in the celebratory spirit. Include music that your nearest and dearest can connect with, that embodies the special moments in friendships, relationships and all-round crazy journey, and send your wedding soaring from wonderful to joyfully unforgettable.

Green Day’s “Time of Your Life” or the Friends theme song, “I’ll Be There for You” by The Rembrandts gets the nostalgia juices flowing.

Cultural Stylings

Don’t forget the rich traditions that are part of any wedding. No matter the culture, there are always some poignant, time-honoured songs or music styles in every family. It shows respect and gratitude to play pieces that are a nod to the past. There is a musical thread running through generations, and honouring it a beautiful move on the part of any bride- and groom-to-be.

Musical theatre or songs from yesteryear also make the list of Latest Wedding Music for 2021. These genres are a huge part of our cultural and artistic history, and there are some wonderful songs to found here.

For fans of musical theatre, think “Sun and Moon” from the iconic Miss Saigon, or enjoy some swing with “Cheek to Cheek” by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.

Latest Wedding Music Trends for 2021

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Your wedding music is the ultimate soundtrack for your romantic journey, so take the time to hand-pick songs that sum you and your partner up perfectly.

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