Lace Wedding Cake Ideas

Lace is timeless and elegant and doesn’t have to be reserved just for wedding dresses. There are plenty of lace wedding cake ideas out there.

Women love to have lace as part of their wedding dress. But by integrating the concept of lace on the wedding cake, it adds sophistication and a more romantic touch to the event. Here are some lace wedding cake ideas.

Recreate Your Wedding Dress

If you’re wearing a lace gown, you may choose to replicate the textured design on the icing of the cake. You can ask your baker to recreate the fabric through piping or it can be pressed onto the icing.

Focus On Intricate Piping

Regardless of whether you’re mimicking the design on your dress or not, have your baker pipe an intricate pattern on all the tiers. An all-white cake is the best for this design.

Go Vintage

Lace can often evoke a vintage vibe. Be lavish by duplicating the designs of any olden or golden era – some examples would be the golden age of Hollywood or the Victorian era.

Make The Most of Fresh Flowers

A textured lace pattern on white makes the perfect base for vibrant flowers. Picture a white cake draped with gorgeous bright flowers. Eye-catching and stunning.

Lace Wedding Cake Ideas
Lace Wedding Cake Ideas

A Pop of Colour

Who said the icing had to be all white? A white lace-inspired design with pops of colour throughout will bring it to life. Stick to two colours on the white, and it will look amazing.

Let The Venue Inspire You

Wherever you are in the world, look to the nearby architecture for inspiration. An experienced and creative baker will be able to incorporate elements of your locale onto the cake.

Beaded Shimmer

Adding some beadwork to the lace design will provide a hint of shimmer on each tier. A metallic sheen is most apropos for a more glamourous wedding.

Gilded Accents

Gold embellishments lend a glitzy element to the cake. Gold foil intertwined into an opulent lace design will dress up your cake in the most extravagant way.

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