So you’ve booked your wedding – now what? Ballara Receptions has provided a key event timeline for you: an outline to show you what happens from here.

When you book

We fill out a contract which has all the details of your wedding with us, including the times we have agreed upon. Please be aware that if you wish to change times – you must ring and ensure this will fit in as we do have other things happening during the day. We don’t need other info from you until closer to the wedding date, so work on your other bits and pieces e.g. colour schemes etc. and book in with the rest of your suppliers e.g. photo, video, stationary, clothing, flowers etc. If you would like to use the Diamond Package florist for your personal flowers, contact them for a quote on your floral arrangements at your earliest convenience. Your OneDrive folder has heaps of great planning tools and is the way we communicate with your throughout your wedding planning journey.

6 months

You will receive an email with an attachment for you to go through and make notes in, with regard to your arrangements, for when you come to see us 4 months prior to your wedding.

4-5 months out

Before you send out your invites, please reconfirm your times with us. Additionally, make sure you ask for special dietary requirements and make sure you have the right address on the invites.

4 months out

We will email you to book in your final arrangement’s appointment, this can be done between 9am to 5pm on weekdays, or by Zoom if it’s too difficult to come over. This appointment should be at least 3 months before your wedding. We will go over decorations, menus, time scheduling for the reception, and other important details pertaining to your wedding day. Please brainstorm and make notes on paperwork sent previously so you are ready. After this appointment, and if you have the Diamond Package, get in touch with the DJ & Cake company. There isn’t much you can do with either of them before this stage, and it is advisable to wait until after you see us to touch base with them. Start brain storming, collecting song ideas and taking cake photos so that you are prepared for the appointment! Your second retainer is due before this appointment.

1 month out

Make sure you have your RSVPs have been finalised now. Complete your guest lists, floor plans, place cards and bonbonniere orders etc.

3 weeks out

We will send you a reminder that your final numbers are due 16 days before your wedding.

16 days out

Ensure that your table guest list, table plan, run sheet, wedding contact sheet, bond sheet are all completed and correct. At this stage, we will download your paperwork and you will no longer have access to the OneDrive folder. If any further alterations are required, you must contact Ballara. Your invoice will be generated at this point and payment must be received by 10 days prior to your wedding.

Week of the wedding

Appointment to drop off all your bits and pieces with us & do a final run through. These appointments are done 9am to 5pm with your function manager early in the week.

The Big Day

Leave everything in the hands of the suppliers you have selected. This is our job and we know what we are doing. Time for you to go with the flow and be present in the moment with your family & friends. No watches and key event timeline to worry about anymore – we want you to relax and enjoy!


  • Food Tastings: we do two food tastings a year: one in April/May, and another in September/October. You will be invited to the one closest to your wedding date and there is a charge to attend.
  • Bridal Expo: we hold one a year around February/March where you can meet a lot of suppliers all in the one place