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Josie & Peter’s Wonderful Winter Wedding in Eltham

What better way to make your wedding stand out from the crowd than by hosting a dazzling winter wedding!

Josie and Peter’s wonderful winter wedding in Eltham was a magical experience as they incorporated the elegance of the season into every aspect of their day.

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Winter Wedding

The Celebration

Most special of all, was the ballroom reception, which dazzled the couples loved ones!

Surrounded by music and catering, Josie and Peter created their very own indoor winter wonderland with the unique assistance of a smoke machine!

This unconventional addition proved to be hit both in person and  photos, which they will surely treasure forever.

As the fog swirled about the room, the world around them simply faded away as they shared their first dance together as husband and wife.


What a perfect memory to have!

Josie and Peter’s wonderful winter wedding in Eltham was certainly an event to remember, and will surely be treasured for years to come.

Capturing Photo’s

The couple utilized the bright winter’s light for stunning outdoor snapshots at Ballara Receptions.

Taken by MEO Photo & Video who perfectly captured the couple’s intimate connection in all their photos together.

You can see the love radiating between them as they pose side by side outside the ballroom, cut cake together and even stroll through the beautiful gardens of the venue.

Despite the cold, it is truly a heart-warming sight!


A Wedding to Remember

Their winter wedding in Eltham was made a night to remember, for not only Josie and Peter, also their guests!

Josie was an elegant vision in her stunning white dress, alongside her groom, dressed in classic black attire.

The grounds of Ballara Receptions were decorated with not only the natural beauty of the gardens surrounding the venue, they also had gorgeous floral arrangements in shades of cream and white to add a snow-like essence to the theme.

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Photography: MEO Photo and Video 0421 988 678
Reception Music: Luke Todd 0404 086 497
Cars: Geoff 0419 598 717
Celebrant: Ebony Carver 0403 260 961
Cake: Louise 0404 022 290