A wedding day passes by in a blur, so good videography is essential. Here are some Wedding Videography Tips to help you capture great memories.

Even the best editing won’t resurrect a bad wedding video. Knowing these Incredible Wedding Videography Tips makes the process easy and ensures you get exactly the shots you want.

Before you get too excited about trying out some Wedding Videography Tips, remember to capture the traditional shots. The wedding vows, first dance and cake cutting are the must have moments a couple will want to see. There will be others, so ensure there is good communication prior to the day about what needs to be caught on film.

A great approach to taking a wedding video is to treat it as a documentary rather than a movie. This means that all the unexpected moments, nice surprises and bloopers will work to your advantage and create an honest, intimate representation of a special day.

While the main camera will be trained on the bridal couple for most of the day, consider including a second camera to capture what’s going on around them. It’s nice to capture all the getting ready footage and anticipation as this is time the couple traditionally spends apart so it’s nice to see the others morning in the video. Footage of parts of the crowd during the ceremony and candid comments and interactions are entertaining and so important to creating a story of the entire experience.

Play around with the perspective throughout the event. During the ceremony and reception guests are usually seated. Try taking footage from close in and lower down so it really emulates the listeners viewpoint in the moment. Filming from a distance and footage from above might be used as guests arrive and gather at the venue.

Another trick to make a wedding video more cinematic is to move between tripod and handheld filming. Moments like the speeches and the ceremony are usually quite static and so stabilised shooting from a tripod works great. At other times during the day, particularly as the couple leave the ceremony and dancing at the reception, there’s lots of movement and colour. Footage from a handheld camera captures the way it’s being experienced by the couple and the guests.

Photographs are wonderful at capturing moments in time but the video is all about the mood, energy and dynamics of the event. Knowing some Wedding Videography Tips for your day will make sure you have a film that tells your wedding story beautifully.

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