The question has been popped, the ring is chosen, and now comes the tricky question – how are you paying for your wedding?

Throughout history, a wedding was usually “funded” by the parents of the bride with her dowry.  Nobody ever asked the couple “How are you paying for your wedding?”  Celebrations were often a community affair depending on where the couple sat on the social ladder. 

Modern weddings are a whole different ball game.  It’s not just about touring beautiful venues and booking your favourite reception centre.  Couples today need to answer one question before many others: “How are you paying for your wedding?”  Without knowing the answer to this, decision-making needs to take a back seat.

In many countries, including Australia, more couples are moving away from the “parents of the bride pays” tradition, and paying for their weddings in different ways.

How are you paying for your wedding


Nowadays, responsibility doesn’t just fall on the bride’s parents.  While they often still gift some money to the happy couple, the partner’s parents and other family members are just as likely to give a monetary gift to support the celebrations.

While this is financially wonderful for the couple, many experience the frustration of parents believing they have ‘bought a planning pass’ into the finer details of the wedding – such as menus, guest lists and ceremony inclusions.

how are you paying for your wedding

Borrowing from Family

This is a good middle ground option for those who don’t want others to be out of pocket long term, but would like to have their dream wedding without paying interest on a debt for years into the future.

While not quite the same as accepting gifts, a loan from loved ones can also come with its challenges, from parents wanting to have more of a say in the decision-making to financial family ties that may last months or years.

paying for your wedding


If you don’t mind borrowing money from the bank, paying back credit cards or personal loans, and paying interest on that money, then credit can be a good way to have the wedding you’ve always wanted without relying on family and friends.  The independence this potentially brings can be the difference between an enjoyable, relaxed day or feeling like you are a puppet on a string.

As with any debt, ensure that you can make the repayments in all situations – from losing work to interest rate increases.  You don’t want your one magical day to be a source of stress in the future.


You have been planning for some time and have put money aside for your wedding.  You are a keen budgeter and know you can make the dollars work without going over the top.  For many, this is the ideal answer to the “How are you paying for your wedding?” question.  Answering with “CASH” can feel completely liberating.

There is one thing to consider when using savings for your wedding: what if a left-field opportunity or issue comes up?  An investment opportunity, or what if your car dies?  Not to mention that letting the funds sit longer in a savings or offset account could earn you more interest or save you interest on your mortgage.


This brings us to the final solution…



paying for your wedding

Payment Plans

Interest free payment plans are the best of all worlds.  This is different to taking on credit card debt or a personal loan.  Payment plans give you the chance to pay for your wedding in instalments over time.  This can save you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars over the years.  It can also save your precious relationships with loved ones.

Even if you have diligently saved the money for your wedding and have it parked in a savings account, payment plans are worth considering. This allows your money to work for you longer, while still paying off your wedding with cash.

Ballara Receptions offer fantastic payment plans to help you manage your wedding budget without the hassle.  Your ceremony and reception make up a huge portion of your wedding costs, so it makes sense to choose a payment plan that works for you.


This is your special day.  Let Ballara Receptions help you take the reins and enjoy the ride by making sure you are paying for your wedding with the best option available.