Need help with figuring out your guest list? Look no further than these options by our team at Ballara Receptions. We have these handy guest list helper options to help you with the seating arrangements of your family and loved ones during your special day.

Guest List Helper: Tab Method

Option A: Tab Method

  • Print out a large scale version of your floor plan. An A3 paper can work, but if you need to go bigger for more space, do so.
  • Use sticky note tabs and colour code them for your guest list types. For example: his, hers, friends, work colleagues etc.
  • Write out your guests’ names accordingly.

Option B: Paper & Plate Method

  • List names on pegs and attach them to numbered plates.
  • Arrange the plates accordingly to determine the positions of the tables and seats.
  • Work out not only “who sits next to who” on the tables, but “who will have their backs to who” as well.


These guest list helper methods allow you to simply pick up the names and move them around until you get the right combo. Use them to help keep your guest list organised for your wedding day, and lessen the hassle of having to re-arrange seating arrangements in the case of cancellations or surprise guests.