Greek culture is all about good food, good wine and great company. It makes perfect sense then to serve Greek Wedding Food at your reception.

Especially suited to picnic or communal style dining, Greek Wedding Food has some of the most delicious dishes – full of fresh flavours and warming ingredients – that taste best when shared with friends and family.

Lovers of Greek Wedding Food will know there’s no easy way to narrow down the dishes, although it often starts with incredible olives. For meze plates tender, marinated olives are a must. The different flavours and textures in the range of olives makes eating them somewhat like a wine tasting experience. You could stop there with a good glass of red, but of course should also include foods such as dolmades, grilled octopus and pita with the classic Greek dips.

Greek Wedding Food

Main meals are wonderful served as share plates. This lets you include a range of salads and hearty dishes such as whole grilled fish with lemon, grilled meat skewers and moussaka. Salads should be made with simple, fresh and preferably local ingredients. One of the great things about catering in this fashion is the sense of togetherness it brings to a table. Conversations, laughter and merrymaking are incredibly enhanced when passing around plates and dishes.

For dessert think sweet, syrupy delicacies such as baklava with a side of vanilla gelato. Cream, nuts and fruit are common accompaniments. To be extra clever, include a pomegranate. This fruit is traditionally opened during a Greek wedding as a symbol of love and prosperity. Serve with Ouzo and you will have created yourself one amazing Greek feast.

It’s really not difficult to fall in love with Greek Wedding Food. A cuisine that’s fresh, delicious and lends itself perfectly to gregarious celebrations. Make it a crowd pleaser at your wedding… just don’t break the plates!

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