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If a Lakeside Reception Venue is at the top of your list for places to get married, you can’t go past the picturesque surroundings of Ballara Receptions’ estate.

Set in the outer eastern region of Melbourne, our lakeside reception venue boasts all the intimate aspects you need to fill your day with romance and capture beautiful images to give you long lasting memories for years to come.

As the water glistens behind you and your guests, the day you have planned and dreamed for will come to life at our lakeside reception venue. A lakeside ceremony not only gives you a beautiful backdrop to say your “I do’s”, it also gives you an air of romance that you can’t surpass. We have everything available to ensure your celebration is a true expression of your unique love story. 

Lakeside Reception Venue

So many photo opportunities will present themselves on your special day, especially with the lake and gardens as your romantic backdrop. Stare into the eyes of your new husband/wife with the sparkling water behind you, it really can’t get any better.

Create a unique memorable experience for you and all your guests.

Our estate offers many beautiful locations for your ceremony and reception, all with amazing views. Leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and make your escape to a place where you can soak in the spectacular lake views surrounded by lush and beautiful gardens. Feel the peace and serenity surround you as you marry the love of your life with friends and family watching on by the lake.

We can tailor-make a complete wedding package to suit your individual needs. From the setting in which the vows are exchanged, to the range of catering options you can choose from, everything will come together to create an intimate wedding that will long be remembered by everyone involved.

Our experienced team help you right from the beginning to personalise your wedding day. Get in touch with the Ballara Receptions team now.


Lakeside Reception Venue Melbourne