Like most women, you were probably dreaming about your wedding day since you were little.

Now the time has come for you to have your fairytale wedding.

You can have the wedding of your dreams. Everything can be just the way you always wanted it. The gown, the flowers, ceremony, music, reception, the cake – every single fine detail that makes it your very own fairy-tale wedding.

Fairytale Wedding with Alice + Coupa 21 October 2022

Just like Alice and Coupa’s real wedding, you too can have the fairy-tale wedding you envisioned for so long. You can make it your own. All you have to do is allow BALLARA WEDDINGS to help you turn your visions into reality.

Your choice of ceremony locations

BALLARA WEDDINGS is much loved by so many couples because you have the freedom to choose between six locations for your ceremony. These include a lakeside area that has a jetty, private garden area with a gazebo, and a chapel that comfortably accommodates up to 160 guests – it’s just perfect for those sudden weather changes.

Fairytale Wedding - Night Photos
Fairytale Wed Alice Cooper (3)

Amazing photo opportunities anytime of the day or night

You can even have your Fairytale Wedding go well into the evening like Alice and Coupa. Your photos can be as stunning as theirs. Just imagine – the vibrant greens and colours of the flowers with the brilliant burst of the sun in the back, right through to the magical moonlit shots at night only made better with sparkling lights. What more could you ask for?

A reception that is unique

Your reception should be as memorable as the ceremony, and BALLARA WEDDINGS can make it happen. You decide on the music – a band? A DJ? The theme, colour scheme, decorations, flower arrangements, the cake – the reception can just the way you like. To make it extra special, sparklers really add to the atmosphere. You can even have cold spark machines, just like Alice and Coupa did.

As for the menu, BALLARA WEDDINGS has a range of all-inclusive packages. Whether you choose to have a formal sit-down meal or more casual cocktail party or grazing tables, all menus can be modified to suit guests with special dietary requirements. There is no reason why anyone should have to feel left out, everyone should have food they can enjoy.

Alice and Coopa Ballara Wedding

The large ballroom has a dance floor with ample room for you and your guests to boogie. There is plenty of room for mingling inside, and guests can meander outside to take in the beautiful surroundings.

Bring your wedding vision to life.

Contact BALLARA WEDDINGS to start planning your fairy tale wedding now.

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