Evening weddings are becoming popular as couples see the benefits of saying ‘I do’ after the sunsets. You too can have a Fairy Light Wedding.

Imagine a gazebo and courtyard dripping with fairy lights. There is something magical about saying your vows surrounded by twinkling lights. A fairy light wedding also makes for gorgeous photos, and it lends to it being a more formal, yet romantic, occasion.

There are so many reasons you should have a fairy light wedding.

Perfect ambiance for photos

Before the glittering fairy lights turn on, bask in the glow of a glorious sunset. It is magnificent light – a golden dusty glow that fills your backdrop just before the sun sets. This golden hour would be ideal for the ceremony to begin. Your photographer will be able to take the most beautiful photos now, then more stunning photos when it gets dark and the lights turn on.

The Ballara grounds have some of the most amazing spots for photos – the hardest part is choosing your favourites!

Fairy Light Wedding

Evenings hold more romance

Somehow, everything seems more romantic in the evening. You and your new partner sharing your first dance under a blanket of stars – nothing says romance better than that.  The strings of fairy lights in the gazebo, courtyard and other Ballara reception areas will add even more to that level of romance.

The benefits of a later reception

Starting later in the day comes with a whole host of bonuses. With the late start of a twilight fairy lit ceremony, couples can enjoy a late finish time without having to pay extra for an extension. For those wanting to grab some daylight photos, a recent trend is to do all couple photos before the ceremony, then hide out in the romantic bridal suite while they wait for guests to arrive.

At Ballara, we’ve also seen an increase in surprise weddings, with couples inviting guests for an engagement party or birthday, before making a quick change into wedding attire and exchanging vows under sparkling lights.

The twilight wedding ceremony is one of the Ballara Receptions’ team’s specialties, creating unforgettable, heartwarming moments.

Fairy Lit Wedding

You can make it a kid-free zone

While kids are fun, it’s a challenge for the adults to let loose when they’re present at the wedding. Most parents are used to hiring a babysitter for the night. When an occasion is later in the day, it’s much easier to declare the wedding a kid-free event – no offending anyone!


There’s plenty of reason to have an evening wedding. It will be one of the best moments of your life, so why not? For a tour of this beautiful venue, contact Ballara Receptions today.