The following information in the Ballara event kit has been compiled to guide your wedding planning journey with Ballara. This event kit includes key details such as important dates & examples of our final requirements. It includes:

Event Timeline

Upon booking

  • A copy of the contract will be placed in your One Drive folder we set up for you to handle all paperwork in the lead up to your wedding. Ensure you use these times on your invitations as these are the times you have hired Ballara and the grounds for. 
  • We will keep in touch with hints and tips throughout the planning process.

6 months

  • Ballara will email you a Final Arrangements document, which will provide you with all the details we will be discussing with you to organise your wedding. 
  • We will also put your second retainer invoice which equates to 50% of your total reception in your one drive folder this needs to be paid before coming to see us to do the final arrangements appointment.

4-5 months out

  • Please reconfirm your times with us before sending out your invitations.
  • Be sure the address is listed correctly and you are asking your guests for any special dietary requirements.

4 months out

  • We will email you to book in your Final Arrangements appointment.
  • During this meeting we discuss the document sent through at the 6 month mark, including all things from décor to menu as well as the run sheet for your event.
  • A second retainer amount is also due at this time.
  • For our Diamond Package couple,s this will also be the time we suggest getting in touch with the DJ & Cake suppliers that have been locked in for you. Aside from brainstorming your ideas and inspiration (cake images & preferred songs), there is not much to be done with them prior to this stage.

1 month out

  • Ensure your RSVP’s are now returned and follow up with anyone who is yet to get back to you.
  • Start to finalise everything you will need to complete for your reception – guest lists, floor plan, place cards and bonbonniere.
  • We will reach out to book in your Final Appointment with your Function Manager, to take place during the week of your wedding, Monday – Wednesday, between 10am and 5pm.

3 weeks out

  • We will send you a reminder that your final numbers are due 2 weeks out from your wedding.

16 days out

  • Completed final paperwork to be submitted to Ballara.

2 weeks out

  • Your numbers can no longer be reduced. An increase in numbers may be accommodated.
  • Payment must be finalised prior to your Final Appointment, unless paying by cash.

Week of the Wedding

  • This is your Final Appointment where you will meet the Function Manager looking after you on your special day.
  • We run through all details relating to your ceremony and reception. We will also require you to bring in any items that will need to be set up on the day, please refer to your final appointment checklist.

The Big Day

Leave everything in the hands of the capable suppliers you have selected. This is our job, we know what we are doing and are passionate about doing it right. It’s now time for you to sit back and see all your hard work come together. Go with the flow and be present in the moment with your nearest & dearest. No watches or time schedules for you please, we want you to relax and enjoy!!

Dates to Keep Available

Food tastings

We host two food tastings per year. One in April/May and the second in September/October. You will be invited to the tasting that is closest to your wedding date and there is a small charge to attend.

Bridal Expo

This is a free event held once a year – normally around February/March – and is a fantastic opportunity to meet a lot of suppliers all in the one place.

Key Ceremony Details

  • We ask all Brides to arrive at the scheduled start time of your service or a maximum of 5 minutes early. Try to avoid arriving any earlier than this as your guests will still be getting settled and any later will cut in to your photography time.
  • We ask Grooms to arrive no more than 30 minutes prior to the service start time. It is in your best interest to arrive no earlier than the above times as our team will still be in the process of finalising your set up.
  • Your designated Function Manager will be on hand to greet you on arrival as well as line you up/get you ready to walk down the aisle.
  • Ballara has inbuilt speaker systems and two microphones which can be used throughout both the Chapel and Gazebo. Where required, we are also able to operate all your ceremony music.
  • No confetti or rice is permitted on our grounds.
  • Rose petals are allowed but MUST be fresh/real if your Ceremony is being held outside and fake/artificial if being held in the Chapel.
  • Bubbles are allowed for all outdoor ceremonies.
  • Images: Please note that if your suppliers (e.g.: photographers or videographers etc) share photos with us, we may use them for social medial or advertising purposes.

Ceremony Rehearsal

  • If required, a 60-minute rehearsal for your Ceremony may be booked in as early as one month prior to your wedding date.
  • As each Celebrant operates differently, Ballara will NOT facilitate this meeting. We ask that you ensure your Celebrant be in attendance, so they can guide you & your Bridal Party in making the most of your rehearsal time.

Reception Requirements

The following paperwork will be supplied and discussed during your Final Arrangements appointment. All documents will then need to be completed and submitted no later than two weeks prior to your event date. Check the following items on this event kit:

You will be invoiced based on the numbers provided. You are able to increase or decrease your numbers up until 1 week prior to your wedding date. Beyond this point, your numbers may increase but any decrease will not result in a refund/invoice reduction as all food orders will have already been finalised.

PLEASE NOTE: Your menu, décor selection and run sheet times CANNOT be changed any later than two weeks prior to your wedding date.

Final Appointment Checklist

Your final appointment will be held on the Monday to Wednesday of the week of your wedding, between 10am to 5pm. The exact date and time will be confirmed closer to the date. We will require the following items to be brought in:

✓ Hard copy of your Alphabetical Guest List
✓ Place Cards
✓ Bonbonniere
✓ Final Version of Run Sheet
✓ USB containing Ceremony Music
✓ Other personalised items to be set up for either the Ceremony or Reception (e.g.: Service Booklets, Petals/Bubbles, Guest Book, Toasting Glasses etc)

Please be sure to follow all information provided in this event kit as it will help youv complete all relevant final documents and reception requirements.

Floor Plan

Closer to your event date, Ballara will supply you with a floor plan of the Reception room based on your appropriate numbers.

Important things to remember:

  1. We have 2 sizes of guest tables that can accommodate from 8 to 12 people.
  2. The Bridal Table can accommodate from 2 to 12 people.
  3. The room will look best when the tables and floor plan remain symmetrical, so we have made plans accordingly.

We have created floor plans that work within the space of the room and maximise comfort for your guests. Please do not create your own floor plan without consulting us first. We are more than happy to discuss your options in terms of customising a floor plan based
on what you have envisaged.

Please refer one example below – this table plan can seat from 100 – 120 guests with an additional 2 to 12 on the bridal table.

Think of our round tables as a clock – ’12 o’clock’ being Position 1 – which is where the table number is located on the floor plan in the event kit. You will then need to go around the table in a clockwise direction to position your guests.

HINT: Do not place your parents at position 1 as they will have their backs to the Bridal Table.

Try to position them further around the table, as depicted in the example shown in this event kit.

Seating for the Bridal Party can be listed from left to right. Be sure to match up the Bride/Groom with your parent tables, as you may want to have them seated directly in front of you.

Table Guest List

  1. Using the ‘Table Guest List’ template that will be provided you will need to list your guests in the order in which you would like them seated around the table.
  2. Beside each name, please place a ‘1’ in the appropriate column to determine their meal allocation (Adult or Children’s Meal) as well as any dietary requirements or specified allergies.
  3. Please calculate the total of each table as you go, as well an overall total once your list is complete.

The following codes relate to meal allocation in this event kit.

A = Adult
C = Children (2-12 years)
H/CC = High Chair with Meal or H/C = High Chair Only (No Meal)
P = Pram (No Meal)

Please mark your parents/parent partners next to their names;

e.g. Mother of Bride = “MOB” or Partner is “MOB Partner”
e.g. Father of Groom = “FOG” or Partner is “FOG Partner”

Place Cards

Your place cards will need to be sorted by table number and arranged in the order in which they are to be put out by our Staff. The best way to do this is to create an envelope for each table. The order you place the cards in the envelope should match the ‘Table Guest List’ document we will provide along with this event kit.

HINT: Using an envelope for each table, print off an extra copy of your table guest list and cut and paste each table onto the corresponding envelope.


As our Staff will also be putting out your bonbonniere, we will need to be able to distinguish who is to receive the appropriate item. If it is 1 type of bonbonniere per person, you can skip this step in the event kit.

– If you are providing 1 type of bonbonniere per family, you will need to mark with an asterix (*) the name of each person to receive the item.
– If you are having alternating bonbonniere (e.g.: one type for male, one type for female), please highlight your guest names using two different colours so we are able to differentiate between the two.
– If you are having ‘2 in 1’ place cards and bonbonniere, please have the items sorted in boxes and again arranged in the exact order to be put out by our staff.

Example of Completed Table Guest List

Seating Chart

Guests are to be listed alphabetically, by surname, with their corresponding table number as this will help making the seating process more efficient.

HINT: If the couple is married, list them together (e.g.: Ross, Jason & Carol – Table 9) If the couple is not married, list them separately, accordingly to surname.

It is not necessary to include guests sitting on the Bridal Table, if they are being introduced into the room.

Ballara can supply both the easel and frame for your printed document.
Suggested sizes: 1 x A2 Poster, 2 x A3 Pages, 4 x A4 Pages

Example of Completed Seating Chart

Run Sheet

The run sheet for your Wedding will be provided during your Final Arrangements appointment, approximately three months prior to your event date. Below, we have provided an example for one of our more popular evening Reception time frames, 6.30pm – 11.30pm, to help give you an idea of how your function is structured.

We have found that the format in this event kit, in terms of service times and placement of your formalities, works best in helping to keep a great flow to your evening. A minimum of 50 – 60 minutes is required between the service of each meal to ensure our staff have enough time to clear plates, tidy guest tables and prepare the following course.

Ballara is happy to discuss any potential changes to your Run Sheet during your appointment.

NOTE: Listed formalities are optional and can be customised based on your requirements.