Evelyn & Ardit 20 Jan

No one wedding is the same.

The team at Ballara Receptions had the pleasure of hosting the delightful Evelyn and Ardits Eltham wedding.

Their January wedding was enchanting, fun and intimate.

Have a read below as we take you through their special day.

Evelyn and Ardit Eltham Wedding
Evelyn and Ardit Eltham Wedding

A Picturesque Wedding Venues

It was a beautiful day in January, but we think the photos speak for themselves.

The leafy garden and lakeside areas at Ballara Receptions were perfect for the romantic atmosphere of the day.

The stunning photos taken on the day beautifully captured the couple, amongst all the gorgeous floral arrangements and greenery.


Heartfelt Ceremony

For the ceremony, Evelyn and Ardit wanted something effortless, timeless and full of flowers!

We love their choice to have the ceremony outside, which provided the perfect backdrop for the couple’s vows.

There were plenty of laughs and tears to be had as the couple made it official.

From tears to beers

What’s a great wedding without a cracking party?

Not long after the beautiful ceremony, the couple were able to kick back and dance the night away.

With great music and fantastic food, the reception was full of good times


A Stunning Bride & Groom

At the end of the day, a wedding is all about the beautiful couple at the heart of it.

Both Evelyn and Ardit looked gorgeous, Ardit in a smart tux and Evelyn in an exquisite full-skirt gown.

Most importantly, there were plenty of smiles to be seen on everyone’s faces.


Evelyn and Ardit’s delightful wedding was a perfect day in January.

Evelyn and Ardit Eltham Wedding

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