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While wedding dresses have always been the standard for nuptials, Elegant Wedding Pants and suits are starting to become more commonplace for the unconventional.

Wedding gowns and dresses are never going to go out of style, but that’s not to say that there isn’t a growing space in the industry for an emerging trend towards elegant wedding pants.


Elegant Wedding Pants

The extraordinary appeal of elegant wedding pants, suits and even pantsuits lie in their uniqueness. Pairing wedding trousers with a white micro-mini dress or a maxi-length camisole can be fun and innovative, and they can be just as fashionable as wedding gowns. There are many great options – think satin, trimmed with faux-fur, and tailored styles to make an unforgettable entrance to your own wedding. This is a look that will have heads turning and see you admired by guests.

Let’s not forget the practical reasons for making this style choice! Receptions are a party, after all! Layered outfits are forgiving when it comes to spills and stains and make a great all-day solution as well as a “costume change” later on in the night.

If you are keen to mingle and enjoy yourself in comfort, elegant wedding pants are fantastic. Brides no longer have to feel weighed down by the fabric of a dress. More dances, more often!

Better yet, this contemporary wedding style choice would look amazing in an outdoor setting, and be less likely to catch mud or dirt, especially when you’re trying to take memorable outdoor photos.

Ballara Receptions - Elegant Wedding Pants

Ballara Receptions is a great venue to enjoy your special day in your striking and unique outfit. Situated in outer Melbourne, Ballara Receptions is located on a site with a chapel, lakeside, private garden, and ballroom.

Contact Ballara Receptions today to learn more about how we can make your special day even more extraordinary.

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