Dry Ice For Your Walk Down The Aisle Makes Magic Happen

If standard isn’t your thing, then Dry Ice for your walk down the aisle is just what you need to make your wedding distinct.

Take everyone by surprise and arrange Dry Ice for your walk down the aisle. Listen to the gasps of delight as you glide over a cloud of dry mist.
Think about what the most poignant moment of a wedding might be. It’s the scene where the bride or groom arrives, pauses at top of the aisle and then makes their way past the guests to the person they plan to spend the rest of their life with. It’s a moment that brings tears to people’s eyes, laughter, applause and a great sense of joy. Now imagine that moment but with the soft, cloud-like effect of Dry Ice for your walk down the aisle. Simply stunning!

Dry Ice

The phenomenon of dry ice is fascinating to behold. It’s colder than regular ice, and as it’s temperature drops it changes from a solid to a gas creating a safe, almost odourless vapor that billows around the floor before dispersing. While a dry ice machine will provide a vigorous, consistent effect, you can easily create the charm simply by placing dry ice in a few, well placed vases of warm water.

We’ve employed this trick a number of times at our venue, both in the chapel and other areas of our grounds. On each occasion, it’s been a huge success. It gives the appearance of literally ‘walking on a cloud’. As well as providing immediate theatrical effect, the ceremony pictures look absolutely stunning.

Dry Ice
Dry Ice

Make your wedding distinctive and memorable by arranging Dry Ice for your walk down the aisle. For more information on how we can help with this, or for anything else to do with organising the wedding of your dreams, get in touch with us at Ballara Receptions. We would love to work with you.

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